We’re Bringing Our Startup Event to the Startup Nation

by Alain Tiquet

Startups need to move fast. GPUs help them move fast. Israel is full of startups.

Makes sense, then, that we’re taking our Emerging Companies Summit to Israel next week, where we’ll bring together more than 85 experts in AI.

Execs from about three dozen young, local companies involved in visual computing, high performance computing and computer vision will be at the heart of the get-together Wednesday, Nov. 16 – our fourth annual edition of the event.

It’s part of our global effort to help nurture startups that are using GPUs in innovative ways.

Israel, of course, is a can’t-miss destination on any tour of the world’s startups. There are 5,000 startups in this country of 8 million people, and Israel has attracted twice as much venture capital investment per capita as the U.S. and more than 30 times that of Europe.

These startups — along with the region’s top-flight universities — are a key reason we opened our first office in Israel last month, staffed with a dozen engineers. Think of it as a startup of our own.

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