Get Ready: Unreal Engine 4 Support for NVIDIA Ansel Available Now

by Brian Burke

NVIDIA and Epic Games are giving developers and gamers amazing new ways to capture in-game photographs with the integration of NVIDIA Ansel into the main branch of Unreal Engine 4.14.

Ansel is a revolutionary virtual camera that allows you to capture in-game photographs in ways that were never before possible. With Ansel support, players can move the camera to any angle they desire, apply filters, use super-resolution capture and even capture in 360 degrees for viewing in VR. Learn more about these features in the Ansel technology page

If you’re a developer, you can now easily enable Ansel features in your UE4 games and applications to arm players and end users with powerful new options to capture stunning, high-quality real-time images. Ansel is also a great tool for capturing imagery for the promotion of your work in UE4.

Starting with Unreal Engine 4.14, our tools ship with native support for NVIDIA Ansel photography. This means that anyone playing UE4 games or applications with Ansel features enabled will be able to easily take artfully composed, professional-grade screenshots.
— Marcus Wassmer, core rendering team lead at Epic

The team at Epic is already working to add Ansel support to their free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game, Paragon. Once Ansel is supported, Paragon players will be able to freeze time and use Ansel to capture their favorite Heroes and battle moments, and share them with friends.

Ansel is already supported in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, The Witness, War Thunder, and two notable UE4-powered hits, Obduction and ARK: Survival Evolved. It was also recently added to Unity Engine as a plug-in.

The native Ansel integration is an extension of our long history with Epic, who have been one of the most aggressive drivers of gaming and graphics technologies. They’ve been supporting NVIDIA VRWorks for over a year now, and have made it easy for developers to add NVIDIA GameWorks technologies to their games.

GameWorks takes a production-oriented approach to creating and providing new gaming effects, making it easier for these advances to be added into games. And Epic simplifies the process of adding them to Unreal Engine games by integrating those effects to its engine.

Epic is a leader in gaming technology and we are happy to help them push the pace of innovation in graphics technologies, because that has a direct, positive impact on video games.

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