NVIDIA, Yann LeCun Announce Deep Learning Teaching Kit for University Professors

by Kimberly Powell

With demand for graduates with AI skills booming, we’ve released the NVIDIA Deep Learning Teaching Kit to help educators give their students hands on experience with GPU-accelerated computing.

The kit — co-developed with deep-learning pioneer Yann LeCun, and largely based on his deep learning course at New York University — was announced  Monday at the NIPS machine learning conference in Barcelona.

Thanks to the rapid development of NVIDIA GPUs, training deep neural networks is more efficient than ever in terms of both time and resource cost.

The result is an AI boom that has given machines the ability to perceive — and understand — the world around us in ways that mimic, and even surpass, our own.

“Deep learning has become one of the most important computing models, and the need for graduating students with theoretical and application expertise in this area is critical,” LeCun said. “The Deep Learning Teaching Kit provides a wealth of teaching content that allows educators to incorporate deep learning on GPUs in new and existing courses.”

Delivered through our GPU Educators Program, we co-develop our teaching kits with academic partners to combine the latest industry trends and applications, fundamental theory and tested teaching techniques.

The effort is spearheaded by our NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which helps developers around the world learn how to design, train and deploy neural network-powered artificial intelligence in their applications.

The Deep Learning Institute partners with renowned online education providers such as Udacity and Coursera, as well as leading cloud service providers like Microsoft, to offer online and in-person training events worldwide. The deep learning teaching kit helps extend DLI into universities all over the world.

To learn more about the Deep Learning Teaching Kit — and all of NVIDIA’s other teaching kits — visit the NVIDIA teaching kits page on our developer portal.