VR Funhouse Redecorates for Winter

by Victoria Rege

Maybe you don’t live where it snows. Maybe you hate the cold. Maybe you realize playing with actual ice cannons is a little, you know, irresponsible. The new Winter Wonderland-themed mod for NVIDIA VR Funhouse, our free-to-play VR game, has just arrived to help.

Available on the Steam Workshop page, Winter Wonderland includes all the fun of snowballs and ice cannons. No risk of frostbite. It’s just one of the great additions we’re announcing for VR Funhouse.

Steam On

Gamers are competitors. And one way we compete is through Steam achievements. We love the feeling we get when “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED” pops up on our screen.

To feed that passion, we’ve released 45 Steam achievements for VR Funhouse. Each game now has three high scores to beat, along with some zany extra achievements. Try your hand at unlocking them all here.

Community-Based Mods

Some fantastic VR Funhouse mods came out of a Game Jam Epic held in October. They include Power Tower, Beer, Beer, Beer and Sausages, Wizard’s Funhouse and Kid in a Candy Store. Several teams from the UE4 developer modding community squared off to create these gems, and now you can play them and more on the Steam community page.

Check out some of our favorite mod videos here, then go to the Steam community page to add them to your playlist. Read more about the Game Jam in Epic’s blog.

Mod Contest

Want to create your own mod and win some great prizes? Download the VR Funhouse Mod Kit. Then build your mod and post it to Steam Workshop by January 20, 2017 for your chance to win. Learn more about the Mod Contest rules.

What’s Next for VR Funhouse

Since we launched VR Funhouse for HTC Vive back in July, we’ve had over 165,000 people download and enjoy the game.

We’ve recently added two new levels of gameplay. We released the source code via GitHub. We’ve hosted the first ever Funhouse Game Jam with Epic. We’ve even announced support for Oculus Rift and Touch controllers.

And we’re not slowing down. We’re invested in helping the VR community build great VR experiences. Offering them the latest GameWorks and VRWorks technology is just the start.

If you’re just getting started with creating VR content, check out our VR Funhouse developer Twitch stream series. It kicks off Friday, December 16 at 1pm Pacific. Join us.