What to Look for from NVIDIA at CES 2017

by Brian Caulfield

We’ll be bringing our vision to a global audience this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, at 6:30 pm Pacific, our founder and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, will give the opening keynote address.

If you’re at CES, head over to the Palazzo ballroom on the fifth floor of the Venetian to enjoy the show. If you’re not check out our blog for live updates from the keynote.

The next day, we’ll open up a two sprawling exhibits — booth 3931 on the show floor and another exhibit in the North Plaza, Gold Lot outside the convention center — packed with examples of our latest technology on the show floor.

On Wednesday at 3:30 pm, Danny Shapiro, senior director of NVIDIA Automotive, will speak on a panel focused on the narrowing distance between Detroit and Silicon Valley, in room N258 in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall.

And on Thursday at 1 pm, Jim McHugh, our vice president and general manager for enterprise computing, will speak on a panel about business opportunities for AI in room 256 in the convention center’s North Hall.

Underpinning all of the efforts we’ll be talking about this week: deep learning, which couples the massive parallel processing power of GPUs with the firehose of data spewed forth by the internet to give machines the ability to perceive — and interact with — the world around them.

So do a little learning of your own. Stop by our booth, attend our keynote — either in person or online — and step onto the show floor to explore our booth.


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  • Dimitrelos300

    So…..No new shield tv version?

  • QuantumElectronicsDude

    So. . . no mention of the Nintendo Switch? It’s a pretty big event, what with Nvidia being locked out of the console gaming market for 8th gen consoles. Their previous entry was the GPU in the PS3, and prior to that, the GPU in the Xbox.

  • Chronicsmokemon

    Shield is no replacement and in fact in my opinion it is a waste of money, I have my PC hooked directly up to my 40 inch wall mount Sony flat screen along with my satellite TV and PS4. It all works great!