The AI Home, Coming to a TV Near You

by Chris Daniel

Turn down the lights. Raise the temperature. Make some popcorn. Play your favorite TV show. The new SHIELD TV, introduced during the opening keynote at CES in Las Vegas, puts your world at your command. SHIELD is the first streamer to offer hands-free voice control, bringing AI to the living room and beyond.

NVIDIA SHIELD is the center of NVIDIA’s home AI strategy. It relies on the hands-free Google Assistant, smart home hub integration and an AI mic accessory, the NVIDIA SPOT, to extend intelligent voice control throughout your home.

SHIELD, Meet the Google Assistant

SHIELD is the first third-party Android TV device to announce support for using the Google Assistant, hands-free, bringing the power of Google to your living room.

Optimized for TV, and using just your voice, SHIELD taps into the Google Assistant to make the home smarter and replaces clicking a remote to control your TV. Request an Uber, adjust the thermostat, play music or control the lights — your desire is just a request away.

Google has optimized the Assistant experience for TV by presenting visual answers to your questions, in addition to audio ones. SHIELD also allows for conversational searches, so you can search based on the findings of a previous search.

Taking on-screen visuals and AI a step further, simply say the magic words “Ok Google” and “Show my photos from the beach” and view your requested Google Photos on your TV in up to 4K on SHIELD.

Your Google Assistant will continue to learn and adapt over time, making the possibilities endless.

Bring AI Home

SHIELD also becomes the hub for your total AI home control  by incorporating SmartThings’ technology. Connect to hundreds of compatible SmartThings devices to extend SHIELD control far beyond your living room entertainment.

Coming later this year, NVIDIA SPOT, an AI mic accessory for SHIELD, will be added to the NVIDIA AI Home family of products. NVIDIA SPOT is priced at $49.99 and extends hands-free access to the Google Assistant throughout your home.