Calling All Partners: NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Program Brings Graphics Acceleration to Every Cloud

Today we’re introducing the next step towards expanding the GPU-Accelerated Cloud ecosystem: The NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Partner Program for GRID.
by Tony Paikeday

Our vision of the “GPU-Accelerated Cloud” for desktops, apps and workstations delivers graphics-accelerated workspaces with simplified, rapid implementation, affordable subscription-based pricing and unlimited scalability. With NVIDIA GRID powering the GPU-Accelerated Cloud, businesses can deliver virtual workspaces that are optimized for today’s modern apps and Windows 10, offering a user experience that’s as good as a physical PC, with all the benefits of cloud, including rapid turn-up, service elasticity and cloud-economics. Our new NVIDIA Partner Network Cloud Service Provider Partner Program for GRID is creating an ecosystem of certified partners to provide the market universally accessible GPU-cloud services.

Customer Benefits of the GPU-Accelerated Cloud

So why did we create this program? Simply put, this is all about enabling cloud service providers to build IaaS, DaaS and cloud application services offers with NVIDIA GRID, such that customers can more easily and cost-effectively access GRID technology without in-house skills/expertise, from partners they trust. What about on-premises deployments? Many customers will take a portfolio approach and balance their consumption of GPU-powered desktops and apps across both public and private cloud infrastructure, based on use cases, seasonality and other factors. With this program we’re helping ensure that wherever an organization turns to consume virtual desktops and apps, a GRID-powered infrastructure is underneath it all.

a GPU in every cloud

Benefits for NVIDIA Partners Include:

  • Leveraging NVIDIA as a business partner in their success
  • Creating value-added services that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Access to attractive service provider licensing and discounting
  • Accelerated success with co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Faster ramp of in-house GPU virtualization skills and knowledge
  • NVIDIA support and technology interlock
Benefits of the NPN CSP Partner Program for GRID
Benefits of the NPN CSP Partner Program for GRID

Early Customer Responses

Cloudalize, an early participant in the NVIDIA GRID CSP program, built their GDaaS offering on the GRID platform to provide a seamless, high-performance experience, accessible anywhere, from the cloud. Cloudalize GDaaS has been tested in multiple locations, and the performance has far exceeded traditional hosted desktops for 3D designs and general office synchronicity.

Cloudalize customer Spatial Affairs Bureau, an architecture, design and spatial study group based in the U.K. and U.S., says:

“We compared various DaaS solutions and Cloudalize GDaaS built on NVIDIA GRID was the only one to meet our need for performance, economics and simplicity in a cloud-hosted workspace.” — Peter Culley CEO, Spatial Affairs Bureau

Sentiments like this get to the heart of why more and more organizations are going “GPU-cloud first” in their approach to consuming virtual desktop and application services. And thanks to the expertise, infrastructure and value offered by providers like Cloudalize, we’re seeing more customers make the transition at a rate that’s eclipsing traditional on-premises offers. To learn more about the value of the GPU-Accelerated Cloud and NVIDIA GRID Cloud Service Providers, check out our solution brief.

Are You a Service Provider Looking to Up Your (Cloud Services) Game?

The future of differentiated desktop and application services lies in the GPU, and more service providers are looking to the GPU-Accelerated Cloud to set themselves apart from traditional offerings. If you’re interested in becoming an NVIDIA GRID-powered Cloud Service Provider and creating a set of value-added services built on the power of the GPU, click here to sign up for this exciting new opportunity to grow your end-user computing practice.