New Quadro-Powered Mobile Workstations Provide Ultimate Creative Freedom

Mobile Workstations from Dell, HPI, Lenovo, Fujitsu and MSI to Use New Pascal-Based Quadro GPUs So Creators Can Work Anywhere.
by Sandeep Gupte

Professional designers, engineers and content creators can now wield the incredible power of our latest Quadro GPUs anywhere they want to work — and experience the ultimate creative freedom. Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Fujitsu are all introducing advanced mobile workstations using our new mobile lineup of Quadro processors, led by Pascal architecture-based GPUs.

Dell Precision 7720 mobile workstation
The Dell Precision 7720 is among the first mobile workstations to include the latest Quadro Pascal-based mobile GPU.

With Quadro, creative and technical users can harness desktop-level performance and capabilities on the go to create the largest, most complex designs; render the most detailed photo-realistic imagery; and develop the most intricate and lifelike VR experiences.

Offering up to three times the graphics performance, twice the memory and nearly twice the compute power of previous generations, the new Quadro lineup redefines mobile visual computing.

Broad Industry Support

“Our customers are not in the business of ordinary — they use technology every day to create innovations that are revolutionizing their industries and the world,” said Rob Herman, general manager and executive director of Lenovo’s Workstation Business Unit. “Lenovo’s powerful, industry-leading workstations, with the help of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, help customers bring their designs to life, anywhere, without distraction.”

“When it comes to powerful computing on the go, HP ZBook Mobile Workstations are in a class of their own — providing a spectrum of performance, reliability and expandability that extends well beyond the capabilities of standard mobile computers,” said Josh Peterson, vice president worldwide product management for HP Workstations, HP Inc. “Leading-edge professional graphics, such as NVIDIA Quadro Pascal-based GPUs, will be tested by HP — simulating real-world customer workloads and stress tests that translate into higher quality drivers that customers trust.”

Quadro mobile GPU performance chart

Quadro at SOLIDWORKS World

Discover how designers are using NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to bring concepts to creation on the latest mobile workstations or in photorealistic VR environments at SOLIDWORKS World, NVIDIA booth 628, February 5-8, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.