Clever Collaboration: Cisco Spark Board, Powered by NVIDIA Jetson, Takes Teamwork to New Heights

by Lazaar Louis

Whether across the room or across the ocean, collaboration just got a whole lot easier with today’s launch of the Cisco Spark Board, a 4K, all-in-one device that enables screen sharing, interactive whiteboarding and video conferencing.

The Cisco Spark Board, which comes in 55- and 70-inch models, allows teams to get things done fast, in deeper ways than ever imagined, regardless of where they’re located.

Its broad capabilities are powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 visual and AI computing platform, which is also used for sophisticated robots and drones. Jetson includes the latest technology for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, graphics and image processing, making it ideal for AI computing on embedded devices.

Collaboration Made Easy

When a presenter using the Cisco Spark Board writes or draws, that information instantaneously appears on any connected Cisco Spark Board, PC or mobile device, including tablets and phones. The experience looks and feels natural, thanks to NVIDIA DirectStylus technology. Its extremely low pen-to-ink latency means there’s virtually no lag between what’s written on the Cisco Spark Board and what viewers see on their remote screens or mobile devices.

Jetson also drives the advanced graphics that allow for content sharing on the Cisco Spark Board’s 4K display. Its image-processing capabilities deliver high-definition video from the device’s built-in camera to enable great video conferencing.

“Cisco Spark Board brings people, communication and information together,” said Tormod Ree, senior director at Cisco. “NVIDIA’s Jetson platform plays a key role in the Cisco Spark Board’s ability to engage people, enabling them to both create and get things done.”

Small but powerful: the Jetson TX 1
Small but powerful: the Jetson TX 1

Worldwide Connections

Jetson on Spark Board creates unprecedented opportunities for collaboration in a wide variety of fields. Businesses can design products with input from colleagues in offices across the globe. Teachers can interact with multiple classrooms to enrich learning. Film crews can simultaneously edit footage on location and from production studios. Fashion designers in New York can collaborate with peers in Paris and Milan to create new clothing lines.

“We’ve worked with Cisco to bring new dimensions to the experience of collaboration,” said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business at NVIDIA. “Built with the Jetson TX1 AI computing platform, the Cisco Spark Board is a world-class tool for connecting teams around the world.”