AI a Highlight at Our Biggest Game Developers Conference Yet

by David Coombes

PC gaming is bigger than ever. That’s why this is our biggest Game Developers Conference yet.

We’ll be at the show Feb. 27 to March 3 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center working with, training and meeting developers like you.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning are revolutionizing modern computing, and NVIDIA is bringing them to game development.

Deep Learning Institute

Deep learning has many applications in game development, ranging from customer analytics through asset creation to creating more believable in-game agents.

Come and find out how deep learning will revolutionize game development with NVIDIA at GDC.

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, at the Marriot Marquis, we’re running two sessions from our Deep Learning Institute so developers can get hands-on training.

Find out more here.

The deep learning content will keep coming Wednesday, when Bryan Catanzaro, VP for applied deep learning research at NVIDIA, will give GDC attendees an introduction to deep learning. After that we’re giving a session showing how to accelerate material creation.

These are two sessions you can’t afford to miss.

We also have a huge booth featuring NVIDIA GameWorks technology. GameWorks is our developer program that encompasses all the game-related technologies we’ve developed and refined over the years. It includes a robust suite of tools and graphics technologies to help game developers build rich and immersive experiences.

We’ll be releasing tons of new developer resources at the GDC, with a focus on DirectX 12 graphics, compute, AI and VR. The release includes new GameWorks rendering and simulation libraries, and tools for game developers. If you’re a game developer, we’re here because you’re here. So stop by.

At the Advanced Graphics Tech Day on Monday, NVIDIA together with others will present the latest advanced techniques for rendering and simulation. There are talks on Vulkan, DX12 and asynchronous compute.

Finally, we’re also sharing our expertise as part of 16 sessions spread over three days, covering virtual reality to DirectX 12 and Vulkan to high-performance Android development with NVIDIA SHIELD. They include postmortems on Watch Dogs 2 and The Witness, as well as talks on cutting-edge graphics and simulation techniques.

A quick rundown:

Wednesday, March 1

Thursday, March 2

Friday, March 3

You can find more details about all these talks on the NVIDIA Developer Zone GDC2017 page.