How Three Companies Are Using AI to Reinvent Fashion Retailing

by Allison Toh

Jeans, sneakers and hoodie. The standard dress code in Silicon Valley is familiar. But that hasn’t stopped the tech industry from using AI to help others find the clothes, accessories and makeup tailor-made to their style.

With AI, retailers can go beyond typical online shopping to better customize consumer shopping experiences, from taking photos of merchandise you like and finding similar items online, to experimenting with different makeup and hair dye products without needing to leave your couch.

Here are three companies merging AI with fashion using NVIDIA GPUs.

Snap and Shop GOFIND

The next time you see a friend wearing a pair of boots you like, don’t have them wrack their brain to remember where they bought them. Simply take a picture and upload it to GOFIND.

Marketed as the “snap and shop” fashion app, GOFIND lets people find in online stores the fashion products they see in person. They simply need to take and upload a photo of what they like, and the app will find the exact or similar items. You can even browse and buy through the app.

The AI search engine, which is the key to GOFIND’s platform, can identify products — from earrings to jeans — almost instantly across millions of retail sites.

While the fashion-oriented app launched in December, the San Francisco-based company is hoping to grow into the virtual and augmented reality space, and expand into other industries such as consumer goods.

Make Movie Couture Your Own

Did you find yourself wanting to wear all of Emma Stone’s dresses in La La Land? Or maybe you dream of vacationing at a Game of Thrones set location? With TheTake, these opportunities are within a computer’s reach.

Based in New York, TheTake wants to enhance the TV and movie-watching experience by allowing people to shop for outfits and items they see on screen using its AI-based service.

Using machine learning, the online site identifies products and locations shown in movies or television shows, and compares them against its database of millions of products to find the most visually similar matches available for purchase.

TheTake is now working with entertainment studios and networks, such as Universal Pictures, Sony and Comcast, to enhance the viewing experience for their customers while providing insights to advertisers.

Search for clothing and accessories from movies using TheTake.
As moviegoers watch Ronda Rousey prepare to face off against Michelle Rodriguez in Furious 7, they can also search for their clothing and accessories using TheTake.

Apply Before You Buy

Testing different brands and shades of makeup can add unnecessary hours to one’s morning routine, but ModiFace aims to change that.

The augmented reality company, with offices in New York and Toronto, uses facial modeling technology that helps people explore and discover products tailored to them. Its AI technology is already used by over 150 web and mobile apps, including L’Oreal, CoverGirl and others.

In its partnership with makeup retailer Sephora, ModiFace developed the “Sephora Virtual Artist,” a tool that allows shoppers to experiment with new makeup on their own faces using a computer screen.

Instead of venturing all the way to a mall, consumers can take a picture of their face, upload it to the site, then play around with a variety of makeup products to get an idea of how they would look.

ModiFace also lets users see how they would look in different hair colors and try on hair dye from various beauty brands.

With technology on skin analysis and facial visualization, ModiFace and its AI features introduce a more efficient way to style oneself.

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