More Extreme in Every Way: The New Titan Is Here – NVIDIA TITAN Xp

by Matt Wuebbling

If you need all the power you can get, our new NVIDIA TITAN Xp is the card you need to have.

Introduced today, the Pascal-powered TITAN Xp pushes more cores, faster clocks, faster memory and more TFLOPS than its predecessor, the 2016 Pascal-powered TITAN X.

With the new TITAN Xp we’re delivering a card to users who demand the very best NVIDIA GPU, directly from NVIDIA and supported by NVIDIA.

Key stats:

  • 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4 Gbps
  • 3,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz
  • 12 TFLOPs of brute force

This is extreme performance for extreme users where every drop counts.

Open to Mac Community

Speaking of users, we’re also making the new TITAN Xp open to the Mac community with new Pascal drivers, coming this month. For the first time, this gives Mac users access to the immense horsepower delivered by our award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs.

TITAN Xp is available now for $1,200 direct from, and select system builders soon.


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    April Fools was 5 days ago…

  • Squuiid

    Pascal Mac drivers!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Finally!

  • Linus Nyrén

    Will the drivers work for lesser Cards as 1060/1070/1080 to?

  • Chris Gordon

    Thank you. Will be chucking a 1070 in my Hackintosh asap…

  • Billynolegs

    There’s a whole hoard of salty titan x-p (2016) owners out there atm. They all expected an 80ti card to roughly match the tx-p, but now a new txp has come along at the same price point and they’re left feeling burned with no upgrade option being open to them unless they want to shell out 1200 again.

    In a sense I can understand their frustration since nV dropped this out of nowhere and made their “premium” purchase 2nd rate within the same generation with little to show for it from nvidia’s side. That’s going to sting alright.

    On the other hand – it’s nvidia. They’ve done this before with the titan – 780ti – titan black. Money matters most, so those 2016 txp owners will sort of be left out in the cold like the original titan owners.

    I’m not taking sides either way, more fun to be a spectator in the drama than a participant.

  • Phil CreatePro

    The macOS drivers are the pearl in the shell of this post

  • Esteban Proaño


  • Phil CreatePro

    i certainly think so , what is curious as well that for all prewvipous drivers they have always been classed as K5000 drivers , so maybe Apple have been involved in this ?


    Amazing news on something that took an age. Nvidia can once again provide to all platforms. Apple is opening up to 3rd parties again.

  • Vlad T

    Probably stands for Xtreme Putz 🙂

  • Rene “WaschBaer LP” Hippe

    funny they release drivers for mac for the new gpus 😉 after apple announced a new modular mac pro 😛 .. hope we will see some old style mac with pci slots normal upgradable cpu gpu etc 😛

  • Johnny

    You know when they say “Mac” support, they meant Hackintosh support lol. Of course later down the line the new Mac Pro, or maybe new Mac Mini as well may support PCI-E swapping. Either way, this is excellent news for both worlds!

  • Jocelyn Strob Simard

    Cool finally a card compatible with windows Xp!!! 😉

  • CNek

    THANK YOU nVidia !
    The hackintosh community is now so relieved 😮
    Now, it’s time to decide which GPU(s) to put in our babies 🙂

  • DJ D-One

    Yes. It’s general Pascal Support.

  • DJ D-One

    FINALLY!!!!!! As soon as it drops il buy a 1080ti!

  • Neurota


  • johnnyderp


  • Jackson Cole

    So this means I can put a GTX 1080 ti in my Mac?

  • Doug Dobbins

    Will this card support 10bit video in apps like Photoshop, Avid, Premiere Pro?

  • Tux Games

    Yes but wait for vega for even cheaper price ;D

  • mbze430

    just ordered 2 of these… now selling 2016 Titan X Pascal!

  • ikir

    Thanks for macOS Pascal driver! Already ordered a 1070!!

  • Jonathan Perkins

    nice — made me lol

  • urbanman2004

    A/b time NVIDIA… I don’t know how much longer I could take not using my 1070 in macOS

  • urbanman2004

    Based on Schiller’s comments we should

  • Raphæl Acilo

    What about the older users of the old Titan X Pascal? Will they get a new replacement for this new Titan Xp (with slight bump to CUDA cores, core clock, etc..)?

  • RevCurt Diggs

    It’s not a gaming card. It’s a “deep learning” card. See: JayzTwoCents rant.

  • iTitan

    I can’t wait to see this Nvidia Titan Xp sitting inside my Alienware Aurora R4 ALX Extreme Edition!

  • Jan Slavík

    As someone who has bought a Titan X about a month and a half ago, I gotta say, takes all my self control to behave in a civilized manner right now. Just amazing.

  • loon

    these will still work with the old g5 mac pros, although unofficially. external tb3 gpu enclosures are supported on all the new macs too :~)

  • loon

    jay sucks

  • loon

    i know a dude who bought two of them at $1200 each lmao

  • B Brad

    What is the double precision performance?

  • Alexander Man

    I purchased a titan x pascal from the official store, and feel that I am fooled by nvidia. I really hope nvidia offer an upgrade or at least a discount for buying Titan Xp for us.

  • Rod Thompson

    Will this work with a mac pro2,1 ?

  • dodekeract

    It’s over 9000!

  • Tom Chapin

    I bought a Titan X Pascal for $1200 some time ago, but I don’t feel overly upset about the new Titan Xp (which is marginally faster than my current card).

    Buying the Titan X Pascal when I did enabled me to to enjoy 4K video games at 60+ FPS, and it enabled me to play VR video games at very a stable FPS (important for reducing motion sickness) with my HTC Vive.

    Sure, you can always wait a year, and you can always get a better video card for a cheaper price then. But you will always be chasing a moving target.

    I prefer to build a good computer (using the highest rated parts I can get at that point in time) about every 3-4 years. It might be a bit expensive, but paying that extra bit up front gives the computer more lasting power. Spending $3K for a computer that lasts me 4 years is preferable to spending 2K every 2-3 years on a mediocre computer that was never amazing at any point in its life cycle.

  • Neolix Voigaas

    Time to upgrade that Hackintosh… excuse me, “Mac”! 😀

  • Isaac “Rey’s Grandfather” Stev

    I guess we know what gpu is going in the new mac pro

  • hanzawhtet7

    BOTB Gaming GPU!

    sob… :'(

  • Dara Yem

    🙂 Im feeling the love too…

  • Dara Yem

    i give 200 for it

  • Dara Yem

    Their card has been 10bit since the old 285 Geforce>>>BUT its up to the software API GUI to take make it work…in case Adobe it doesn’t..only the Quadro will work…Im in the same boat as u….but good news is if u got an extra PCIe slot u can toss in the cheap Quadro n get 10bit from the GUi..

  • Siim Kuusik

    Mac Pro users rejoice!
    Now we need an enclosure and it is off to the races. ?

  • Quiet Canadian

    I’m confused. Are you upset? Did you not think that a faster card was coming?

  • John Doe

    Alienware is garbage go away kid!

  • Chris Monteiro


  • Tim Kirchner

    1/32 FP32 performance…. Kepler generation was the last time Titan actually offer a compelling reason (FP64 compute performance) over the x80Ti for such a large price. Still have my Titan Z (as a secondary, non-video output card) for that reason.

  • Toad Wallop

    I bought two 1080 ti cards on release, and I had two of the fastest GPUs on the market for a whopping 3 weeks! LOL A friend of mine joked about a new Titan coming out in a month, when the 1080 ti’s dropped, and it didn’t even take that long!

  • Brad Hesse

    THANK YOU SO MUCH NVIDIA! Better late than never! I have been dreaming about Pascal OS X drivers forever! Thank you!!!!!

  • b3yondl

    please win back Apple and kick AMD out of the running for providing GPUs to Macs. we need CUDA.

  • Mingyao Liu


  • Caleb hesser

    yaa it sucks man I buyed two titan x 2016 as well only two months ago and I live in Canada so my cards coasted 1600 bucks a pop I’m not at all happy this new titan xp should have been what the first one was if there was anything I could do about this I would

  • Eddie E. Givens, Jr.

    ordered. i cant wait!!! awesome news. now i don’t need to purchase the upcoming mac pro. 🙂

  • Arnoud van Lieshout

    I just finished installing Windows XP

  • jeremyg85

    Probably not this soon. It is not a new chip, they just decided to fully unlock it for a new release.

  • jeremyg85

    This is for all of pascal. Besides, a new GPU cycle will be out by the time the Mac Pros launch.

  • Tilo Probst

    Thank you so much for those Mac drivers!

  • star-affinity

    And the ones who have a Mac Pro with PCI-E (i.e. pre Darth Vader’s trash can). Of course that’s probably quite few compared to the Hackintosh users…

  • star-affinity

    Which Mac model do you have?

  • Blake Taylor

    So do Titan X (Pascal) buyers get a free upgrade or do we have to drop another $1200 to $2400 for these cards because if we have to buy them again that’s really really bad customer care.

  • renoiser


  • davide

    How much Ghz CPU is needed Minimum for don’t have cpu bottleneck ?

  • James Tenpenny

    Just ordered one now I have to fiqure out what CPU to use with it? Going to build a system might go SLI?

  • Forge


  • Jeric Singuillo

    You’re stupid. You should’ve just bought the Nvidia 1080 ti. It even has more horse power than the titan x 2016

  • shaul guy

    is TITAN X still produce? or the TITAN xp is the replace model ?

  • shaul guy

    is the TITAN x EOL?

  • shaul guy

    is the TITAN x is End Of Life? i’m looking for 8 pcs for a project

  • danway

    This will have a black boot screen until the drivers load, no way to access startup disks, recovery drives or any other boot options until Nvidia makes an official Mac card with the correct efi rom.

  • Nomin Park

    FFHGRendererInfo Crash … Final Cut Pro X and Motion

  • casanovaslappz

    only for the rich

  • Eddie E. Givens, Jr.

    Any way around this? I’m stuck in this issue. I bought the Xp for my 5,1 Mac Pro.

  • Truman HW

    We might be doing a mac edition of this; it involves micro-soldering and replacing the small ROM chips from nVidia which are sufficient for PC BIOS with the chips large enough to fit the EFI data for a mac.

  • Eddie E. Givens, Jr.

    So, I soved the issue. I put my old ATI card back in so I could see the screen. Checked the option for NVIDIA Web Driver for NVIDIA driver preferences. Put the NVIDIA Xp card back in the Mac Pro. All is good. biggest issue now is when running Windows 10 in Bootstrap and after playing 1 match of Overwatch, the GPU will completely shut off my machine. Even when the heat is sustained at 70-75 degrees. My power supply on the mac Pro 5,1 is 1000 watts as well. So, I have no clue what’s happening now.

  • Brian Berneker

    Been waiting a long time for this. Thank you NVIDIA. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Brian Berneker

    Thunderbolt cages are also another way to use them on any modern mac.

  • Brian Berneker

    General Pascal reporting for duty. Sir, yes, sir!

  • D-One


  • meatabox_rulez

    while i don’t have a alien ware i can say without a doubt that they are not “shit”