Meals on Wheels: Marble Robots Making Food Deliveries in SF Using NVIDIA Jetson

by Murali Gopalakrishna

San Francisco-based startup Marble is bringing new meaning to getting your food to go.

The maker of autonomous ground-delivery robots is now serving up dishes in San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hill districts with its first delivery partner, Yelp Eat24.

Marble food delivery robot
Robots are the new to-go box.

Customers place their orders using the Yelp Eat24 app. For a lucky few, a robot will deliver their meal right to their door.

Marble and Jetson: A Perfect Pairing

Marble’s robots are powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1 AI supercomputers to intelligently navigate their route while sharing busy sidewalks. Using AI and computer vision, they can detect people, cars, pets and other objects along the way as they safely and efficiently cruise to their destinations.

While they’re making deliveries, Marble’s robots map the city’s sidewalks to determine the best travel routes and improve food delivery times.

“Through Jetson’s AI and deep learning capabilities, our robots can better perceive the world around them,” said Matt Delaney, CEO and co-founder of Marble. “Together we’re working to make urban transportation of goods more accessible.”

Marble plans to map most SF sidewalks in the coming year, along with adding more restaurants and robots to their service.

As they do, AI will continue to be a key ingredient.

Learn more about Marble’s autonomous robots here.