Six Astonishing Ways NVIDIA GRID Changes Lives, and Can Change Your Business

Learn how companies across industries use NVIDIA GRID-powered virtual desktops at our GPU Technology Conference.
by Anne Hecht

They help Jane Goodall map ape habitats in Africa. They’re used by searchers trying to solve the mystery of the lost Malaysian flight MH370.

DigitalGlobe’s 3D visualizations of Earth — captured from hundreds of satellites moving at 15,000 miles per hour — support some of humanity’s most ambitious endeavors.

And DigitalGlobe relies on our NVIDIA GRID and Tesla M10 to put these 21st century maps in the hands of those who need them most.

“We work with datasets that are too large to download,” says Mike Bantz, IT engineer at DigitalGlobe. “By running NVIDIA GRID on Linux virtual desktops, we can provide users access to our imagery from anywhere.”

Virtualization for All

It’s one example of how NVIDIA GRID makes virtualization more useful to more people in more places.

DigitalGlobe’s story is one of many inspiring tales of how you can put virtualization to work that we’re featuring at our GPU Technology Conference next month.

Satellite image of Adelaide Hills bushfire in Australia
Adelaide Hills bushfire in Australia. Image courtesy of Digital Globe.

Others include: