ParaView Users – Bring Your Data to GTC, Gather Insights Like Never Before

by Chintan Patel

Visualization tools like ParaView are invaluable for analyzing  high performance computing simulations, like weather forecasting and modeling Earth’s interior.

But rendering unstructured time-series data is slow. This limits users’ ability to gather insights.

To address this challenge, we collaborated with Kitware to develop a plugin that uses the NVIDIA IndeX volume visualization tool. It integrates seamlessly with ParaView, allowing users to interactively analyze unstructured, time-series data.

Our GPU Technology Conference, May 8 to 11, in San Jose, has a strong HPC visualization track. It includes talks covering topics from virtual reality for HPC to in-situ visualization and ray tracing.

There’s also a self-paced lab where you can try out the upcoming IndeX plugin and experience its robust features first-hand. We highly recommend ParaView users attend this lab session.

Besides trying preloaded data, we encourage you to bring your own dataset. You’ll see how the IndeX plugin enhances your ParaView experience so you can gather insights faster from structured and unstructured data.

Robert Maynard, R&D engineer at Kitware, will also be available at the hands-on lab area to talk about ParaView’s latest features, including FXAA, hidden line removal and dual depth peeling.

Besides the IndeX plugin, we’ll also preview an early version of a VR plugin during a “Connect with the Expert” session at GTC. This plugin makes it possible — through the push of a button — to view any scene from ParaView in a VR environment.

This lets you use the latest rendering techniques and optimizations out of the box for increased VR immersion.

Mark your calendar to attend this session and see how easily you can view an HPC dataset in ParaView in VR. And if you haven’t yet registered for GTC, do so today using code GMMAY20 to get 20 percent off.