Positively Certifiable: How to Get Crazy Levels of Performance for Your Creative and Design Workflows

Now it’s easier to get advanced rendering with a VCA Certified Solution through one of NVIDIA’s global partners.
by Andy Ju

Computer-generated scenes in Hollywood blockbusters like “The Jungle Book.” 3D renderings for interactive client reviews at Saatchi & Saatchi. Photorealistic models of luxury watches for fashion designer Francois Quentin.

Artists and designers across industries work with complex digital models that challenge even the most advanced GPU renderers.

And the jobs just keep getting bigger.

To tackle them, design firms, visual effects houses and others are pushing the limits of what renderers can do with the NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance. And now you can, too.

Through our new NVIDIA VCA Certified Partner Program, it’s easy to deploy an NVIDIA Certified VCA Solution to achieve major boosts in productivity.

An NVIDIA VCA Certified Solution speeds up workflows and allow artists using GPU-accelerated renderers like NVIDIA Mental Ray, NVIDIA Iray and Chaos V-Ray RT to explore, tweak and confirm their models in real time. It’s the perfect platform for scalable, interactive rendering, all in a data center appliance that works right out of the box.

Powered by eight high-end NVIDIA GPUs, and stackable for even more insane levels of performance, an NVIDIA VCA Certified Solution can save months, even years — and enormous costs — when bringing projects to market.

Wide Industry Support

Partners from around the world are joining the certification program. Among the first: Asus, BOXX, Colfax, Exxact, HPE and PNY.

“Our enterprise customers have a growing business need to accelerate their GPU rendering workloads,” says Craig Yamasaki, director of HPC and AI Product Management at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Our industry-leading eight-way GPU solution with HPE Apollo 6500 certified for VCA provides eight Tesla P40 GPU accelerators per compute node right out of the box, maximizing compute density and efficiency, and enabling our customers to accelerate their applications performance all with comprehensive global infrastructure services and support.”

“As our customers’ rendering demands grow, they need high-quality, high-performance and customizable solutions,” said Jérôme Belan, CEO at PNY EMEA. “As a certification partner of NVIDIA, we offer customers the most powerful products that match their rendering needs, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs while providing an optimal level of support. Our PNY VCA harnesses the power of eight NVIDIA Quadro P6000s to deliver on this promise.”

ASUS Certified VCA
ASUS Certified VCA

“ASUS is excited to partner with NVIDIA to offer customers a scalable solution across workstations to the data center that accelerates the latest creative and design workflows,” says Margaret Chen, president of the Open Platform Business Group for ASUS Americas. “With the ASUS ESC8000 G3, a VCA Certified solution, customers can enjoy improved efficiency, scalability and performance in a single platform that decreases their time to market and costs.”

See how a VCA Certified System speeds rendering workflows at our annual GPU Technology Conference, taking place this week at the San Jose Convention Center. There, you can visit our NVIDIA VCA Certified Partner booths, including: Asus, Boxx, Colfax, ExxactHPE and PNY.

Resellers, learn who is a part of the VCA Certified Partner Program in your region.