Start Me Up: 80 AI Startups at GTC Show How They’re Changing Industries

by Kimberly Powell

Better medicine with AI. A deep learning stock picker. Self-driving trucks.

That’s just a sample of the groundbreaking work by nearly 80 AI startups at the GPU Technology Conference this week.

Get a close-up look at how they’re changing industries by coming to any of 40-plus talks, checking out the exhibits and even attending an awards gala honoring the winners of our $1.5 million AI startup competition.

You can also get a picture of the deep learning startup ecosystem during NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang’s keynote on Wednesday at 9 am PT. The ecosystem, displayed below, shows leading areas of innovation by members of our Inception virtual accelerator. The eight-month-old program supports fledgling businesses revolutionizing industries with AI.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Startup Ecosystem

What to See

Here’s a closer look at some of the best ways to learn more about AI startups at GTC: