NVIDIA and SAP Partner to Create a New Wave of AI Business Applications

by Jim McHugh

Businesses collect mountains of data daily. Now it’s time to make those mountains move.

NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang announced today at our GPU Technology Conference that SAP and NVIDIA are working together to help businesses use AI in ways that will change the world’s view of business applications.

Together, we’re combining the advantages of NVIDIA’s AI computing platform with SAP’s leadership in enterprise software.

“With strong partners like NVIDIA at our side, the possibilities are limitless,” wrote SAP Chief Innovation Officer Juergen Mueller in a blog post published today. “New applications, unprecedented value in existing applications, and easy access to machine learning services will allow you to make your own enterprise intelligent.”

SAP is leveraging advancements NVIDIA has made from GPUs to systems to software. Our Tesla GPU computing platform represents a $2 billion investment. The NVIDIA DGX-1 — announced just over a year ago and incorporating eight GPUs — is an integrated hardware and software supercomputer that’s the result of work by over a dozen engineering teams.

DGX-1, in turn, brings together an integrated suite of software, including the leading deep learning frameworks optimized with our NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK.

Here are three examples of our collaboration with SAP that we’re demonstrating at GTC:

Measuring the ROI of Brand Impact

Many brands rely on sponsoring of televised events, yet it’s very difficult to track the impact of those ads. With the current manual process, it takes industry up to six weeks to report brand impact return on investment, and an entire quarter to adjust brand marketing expenditures.

SAP Brand Impact, powered by NVIDIA deep learning, measures brand attributes such as logos in near real time and with superhuman accuracy, because AI is not limited by all the human constraints. This is made possible using deep neural networks trained on NVIDIA DGX-1 and TensorRT to provide video inference analysis.

Results are immediate, accurate and auditable. Delivered in a day.

As a long-term SAP customer, Audi got early access to the latest SAP solution powered by NVIDIA deep learning, explains Global Head of Audi Sports Marketing Thomas Glas.

“Audi’s sponsorship team found the SAP Brand Impact solution a very useful tool. It can help Audi to evaluate its sponsorship exposure at high levels of operational excellence and transparency,” Glas said. “We were impressed by the capabilities and results of the first proof-of-concepts based on video footage from Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. We’re strongly considering possibilities to combine SAP Brand Impact with our media analysis workflow for the upcoming Audi Cup and Audi FC Bayern Summer Tour.”

SAP Brand Impact screenshot
SAP Brand Impact — capturing brand logo placement in near real time. (Source: SAP)

The Future of Accounts Payable

Talk about a paper trail. A typical large manufacturing company processes 8 million invoices a year. Companies around the world still receive paper invoices that need to be processed manually. These manual processes are costly, time-consuming, repetitive and error-prone.

SAP used deep learning to train its Accounts Payable application, which automates the extraction and classification of relevant information from invoices without human intervention. A recurrent neural network is trained on NVIDIA GPUs to create this customized solution.

Records are processed in sub-seconds. Cash flow is sped up. Errors are reduced.

SAP Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable — Automatically loading accounts payable vendor details. (Source: SAP)

The Ticket to Customer Satisfaction

Eighty-one percent of companies recognize customer experience as a competitive differentiator, so why do just 13 percent rate their customer service at 9/10 or better? Companies struggle to keep up with their customers’ complaints and support issues with limited resources.

Using natural language processing and deep learning techniques on NVIDIA GPU platform, the SAP Service Ticketing application helps companies analyze unstructured data and create automated rules to categorize and route service tickets to the right person.

The result: a faster response and an improved customer experience.

SAP Service Ticketing
SAP Service Ticketing — automatically tag service tickets in the right category. (Source: SAP)

See More at GTC, SAPPHIRE and on the Web

To learn more about the SAP demos at GTC, join us at booth 118. We’ll also be at SAP SAPPHIRE, in Orlando next week, to showcase five more applications.

If you can’t make it to either show, join us for our live webinar on how we’re bringing AI to the enterprise, on June 14 at 9 am Pacific.