AI Podcast: AI Will Enhance VR, Founder of IBM’s VR/AR Labs Effort Says

by Allison Toh

Romeo and Juliet. Peanut butter and chocolate. AI and VR.

“They are star-crossed lovers, they’re destined for one another,” Director of Product for Watson Developer Labs Michael Ludden quipped.

During last week’s GPU Technology Conference, Ludden swung by our podcast booth to discuss how the pairing of the AI and VR will impact various industries.

“AI is going to be used left and right in VR — it already is — and we’re just hoping to play a part in the underlying technology that makes it easier for developers to do that,” Ludden said in a conversation with Michael Copeland, the host of NVIDIA’s AI podcast.

Ludden is also the founder of the VR/AR Labs initiative, which is part of Watson Developer Labs at IBM. The group provides tools for developers to create new tools on the IBM platform that explore different usage opportunities for AI, VR and AR.

“I’d love to see people build and advance an emotional story with a virtual partner in a game that’s story based, or something with a productivity tool where maybe you’re using Autodesk or Tiltbrush,” Ludden said. “Really, the sky’s the limit.”

If you have your own idea on how VR and AI can be used together, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ludden.

“I’m still looking for the next killer use-case, and so if anybody who’s listening to this podcast is interested in sharing what they’re working on, in terms of AI and VR, I’d love to collect that and bring that into my talk going forward,” he said.

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