AI Podcast: Using Deep Learning to Improve the Hands-Free, Voice Experience

by Allison Toh

“Ok Google;” “Alexa…”

We’re familiar with these commands that wake up, say, our Amazon Echo or Google Home.

But what would the future of intelligent devices look like if we could bounce from using Amazon’s Alexa to order a new book to Google Assistant to schedule our next appointment, all in the course of a single conversation?

The latest episode of our AI podcast dives into this question as part of a conversation with founder Xuchen Yao.

Previously, developers would rely on either a clap or a button to trigger an intelligent device, which would negate the point of a “hands-free” experience. But Snowboy, a tool kit developed by, solves this problem.

“Before Snowboy, there was no, like, open community solution in the market,” Yao said, in a conversation with our podcast’s host, Michael Copeland.

Yao noted the possibility of combining the services offered by various companies through their intelligent devices.

“In the future, I would not be surprised to see a device, a 4-in-1 device, that has all the bigger companies’ backend waiting to serve you,” said Yao. “And then people can choose whoever’s services to use just by selecting this trigger word.”

When Yao first tried to bring a conversational engine to the market in 2014 (’s Chatflow), the closest thing that existed was Siri. But now, taking in the burgeoning development of AI technology, he’s optimistic that the next generation will experience more conversational and natural device interactions.

“I imagine in five to 10 years, we’re going to have the personal assistant everywhere we go,” he predicted.

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