How Cornerstone Makes Finding a Home Loan Easier with NVIDIA GRID

Learn how Cornerstone brings high-performance virtualization to lending at Citrix Synergy.
by Anne Hecht

So you’ve found the home of your dreams. Now you need the right mortgage. But the lending process can be mind boggling. And it doesn’t end once you get the keys to your new house.

Cornerstone Home Lending is making finding and managing a home loan a breeze for customers through a dispersed network of 100 branches and 1,000 loan officers, processors and underwriters across the country.

To serve loan customers wherever they are located, Cornerstone relies on virtual machines on thin clients and mobile devices from a virtualization stack that includes Citrix, Nutanix, NVIDIA GRID software with NVIDIA Tesla M10 and Tesla M60 GPU accelerators.

These days even core desktop applications are graphics-intensive and require a GPU for the best performance. With NVIDIA GRID virtual graphics acceleration, Cornerstone delivers modern business applications to its teams with no reduction in performance or user experience.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for everyone involved in the loan process,” says Marc Grant, director of infrastructure at Cornerstone. “We are almost 95 percent virtualized and, because of the GPU-enabled performance, most employees don’t even know it is virtualization. They just know they have access to the applications they need from anywhere.”

Many businesses, Cornerstone included, are in the process of adopting Office 2016, which has increased graphics capabilities. With NVIDIA GRID’s virtual GPU, companies can offload the CPU while providing a better graphics experience.

“Offloading the CPU enables the non-vGPU capable applications to have more resources for standard applications,” Grant said.

Learn more about how Cornerstone delivers virtualization for employees across the country during their talk at Citrix Synergy, May 23-25 in Orlando, Fla., at NVIDIA booth 302.