How SAP and NVIDIA Are Helping Customers Become Intelligent Enterprises

by Jim McHugh

NVIDIA and SAP are on a roll.

Jensen Huang announcing SAP partnership at GTC 2017
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announcing SAP partnership at GTC 2017.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced two weeks ago at the GPU Technology Conference that we’re working with SAP to help businesses use AI in ways that will change the world’s view of business applications.

At SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW last week, SAP launched SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, a new offering that embeds machine learning into a portfolio of SAP enterprise applications, as well as new machine learning service offerings, powered by NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing systems.

SAP Chairman Hasso Plattner’s keynote slide. (Source: SAP)

During his keynote address, SAP co-founder and chairman Prof. Hasso Plattner called out NVIDIA as the  essential technology for machine intelligence. He described how machine learning is changing enterprises, and SAP’s commitment to working with NVIDIA to deliver intelligent applications together. Drawing a comparison to Tesla cars, which can be modified after they leave the showroom floor, Plattner stated that GPU-enabled machine learning applications won’t be like typical cars: designed once and remaining static over the next three years.

I was delighted to have the chance to join SAP Chief Innovation Officer Juergen Mueller’s keynote spotlight session. We talked about using NVIDIA DGX systems to create and run SAP Leonardo Machine Learning applications in marketing, HR, customer service, finance and supply chain functions so enterprises can help their customers grow their businesses through personalized customer interactions.

SAP Mueller and NVIDIA McHugh on stage at SAPPHIRE
NVIDIA’s Jim McHugh (left) and SAP’s Juergen Mueller on stage during the keynote spotlight session, showcasing new Volta accelerator. (Source: SAP)

Applications newly announced at SAPPHIRE NOW include: SAP Brand Impact, SAP Customer Retention, SAP Resume Matching, SAP Service Ticketing, SAP Cash Application as well as SAP Job Standardization — with many more to come. Our DGX hardware with the NVIDIA deep learning software stack is the perfect compute platform for SAP to create their machine learning applications. Mueller, who’s been personally using NVIDIA GPUs for gaming and machine learning for quite some time, said he’s a big fan of our new Volta GPU architecture and can’t wait for the 3x performance gain.

At the SAP Partner Summit at SAPPHIRE, NVIDIA General Manager of Industrial Sector Andrew Cresci and I joined SAP in a few panels to discuss how the partner community will benefit from the collaboration of our companies. We focused on the importance of a whole ecosystem to drive the enterprise adoption of AI.

NVIDIA SAP and Microsoft representatives at SAPPHIRE.
SAP, NVIDIA, Microsoft presented together in the SAP Partner Summit panel.

The panel members and audience participation highlighted how fast AI is coming to our daily lives. Markus Noga, vice president of Machine Learning at SAP, noted a key product innovation focus is to use machine learning in products to automate business processes to improve the lives of customers and employees. Also noted was how NVIDIA, Microsoft and SAP are together redefining IT with AI, machine learning, bots and blockchain.

If you missed us at GTC or SAPPHIRE, then join our hourlong webinar on June 14 at 9am Pacific time. Markus Noga and I will talk in more depth about all the applications that we announced at the shows. Register today and learn how AI can help your business.