How Deep Learning Can Transform Investing from a Daunting Art into a Simple Utility

by Ahana Dave

Oceans of data. Instantaneous decisions. A fluid, ever-changing environment. Little wonder AI is sweeping the finance industry – it’s hard to imagine an industry better suited for it.

“Today the trade that I think is going to change the world, that every fund that every quant fund that wants to make money is adopting, is deep learning,” Guarav Chakravorty, founder of qplum, an online advisory firm,  said in conversation with our podcast’s host, Michael Copeland for this week’s episode of the AI Podcast

While hedge funds have taken the lead in algorithmic investing – or robo-trading Chakravorty wants to bring that same machine learning investing approach to the rest of us.

Qplum uses an AI robo-advisor that invests using algorithms to create customized portfolios.

“We can use deep learning to make a level playing field where investing is a utility,” he said. “Many people are not connected to investing because they don’t know whether they’re going to do it right, they don’t know whether they know enough.”

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