NVIDIA GRID Brings Graphics-Accelerated Virtualization to Nutanix AHV

Nutanix AHV now supports NVIDIA GRID and Tesla M10 and M60.
by Anne Hecht

This morning at the .Next Conference, Nutanix announced support for NVIDIA GRID and Tesla M10 and M60 GPU accelerators on the new Acropolis AHV. It’s the first commercial kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) to support vGPU. With vGPU support for Linux-KVM, NVIDIA GRID brings graphics acceleration to a new generation of cloud and datacenter VDI environments.

Combined with the Tesla M60 for high-end graphics and the high user density of the Tesla M10, Nutanix AHV’s high-density, scale-out architecture results in top-notch performance and reduced infrastructure footprint. Additionally, Nutanix will include NVIDIA GRID management and monitoring capabilities in its Prism provisioning system. This functionality gives IT departments greater control and management of vGPU resources to simultaneously maximize performance, accelerate Windows 10 migration and lower VDI spend.

“Modern business applications and Windows 10 are making graphics-acceleration a must-have to deliver quality performance, productivity and user experience,” said Venugopal Pai, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Nutanix. “With support of NVIDIA GRID for AHV, we’re delivering on our vision of a next-generation computing platform designed to meet the demands of any workload while reducing cost.”

Nutanix Acropolis AHV with support for NVIDIA GRID will be available later this year. To see a tech preview of this integration, join us at NVIDIA booth S4 at Nutanix’s .Next Conference in Maryland June 28-30. And be sure to attend senior product specialist Chip Carr’s breakout session “Deliver Any Application, Anywhere, Anytime,” on June 30 at 11:10am.

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