NVIDIA Invests in Cybersecurity Startup Deep Instinct

by Alain Tiquet

In the latest of a series of investments in deep learning startups, NVIDIA is investing in Deep Instinct, an Israeli-based startup that uses deep learning to thwart cyberattacks.

Deep Instinct uses a GPU-based neural network and CUDA to achieve 99 percent detection rates, compared with about 80 percent detection from conventional cybersecurity software. Its software can automatically detect and defeat the most advanced cyberattacks.

NVIDIA vice president of business development Jeff Herbst said, “Deep Instinct is an emerging leader in applying GPU-powered AI through deep learning to address cybersecurity, a field ripe for disruption as enterprise customers migrate away from traditional solutions. We’re excited to work together with Deep Instinct to advance this important field.”

Deep Instinct was recently named a “Technology Pioneer” by The World Economic Forum, and the “Most Disruptive Startup” at NVIDIA’s 2017 Inception Awards.

NVIDIA recently expanded its portfolio of startup investments, adding eight companies in four countries over the past year. Our new investments include:

  • ABEJA – Tokyo-based startup focused on AI-powered retail analytics systems
  • Datalogue –  New York AI data-mining platform developed out of Cornell University
  • ElementAI – Montreal-based startup helps companies quickly integrate AI capabilities
  • Fastdata.io – California and Washington-based startup offers software for big data processing
  • Optimus Ride – MIT spinoff developing fully autonomous vehicles
  • SoundHound – Silicon Valley startup building voice-enabled AI solutions
  • TempoQuest —Colorado-based startup doing GPU-accelerated weather forecasting
  • Zebra Medical – Israel-based startup using AI to read medical images

NVIDIA’s investment portfolio is only one element of the company’s extensive involvement in the AI ecosystem. Our Inception Program has grown to include some 1,300 startups from around the world, which we support with a team that provides access to technology, experts and our global marketing platform.