NVIDIA GRID Fuels Cloud-Based Workstation Experience from Amazon Web Services

AWS launches Amazon EC2 G3 with NVIDIA GRID and Tesla M60 for high-end graphics applications from the cloud.
by Anne Hecht

Amazon Web Services today released GPU-powered Amazon EC2 G3, featuring graphics acceleration powered by the NVIDIA GRID virtualization platform and NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU accelerators. This powerful new GPU-optimized instance allows architects, artists, product designers and other professionals to tackle the complex workloads that typically require high-end, desk-bound workstations.

With the Amazon EC2 G3 instance, users can work with photoreal models, complex visual effects and real-time 3D renderings — without being tethered to their desks. Instead, enterprises can allow their globally distributed teams to work from anywhere while collaborating in real time. When at their desks, today’s enterprise workers typical use multiple displays. Paired with NVIDIA GRID software, the Tesla M60 supports up to four 4K displays, compared to just one display on the G2 instance.

Amazon EC2 G3 instances are available across the United States and parts of Europe to help high-end workstation users access applications like Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk VRED or Esri ArcGIS Pro from wherever they may be, all with better performance than the previous generation.

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