Intel and AMD Just Delivered Two Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Data Center

by Paresh Kharya

Think of it as a multiple choice test, with no wrong answers. Intel last week launched its new Skylake Xeon CPUs. AMD last month launched their next-generation EPYC CPU. These are both great options that strengthen the case for upgrading your server infrastructure now.

Whichever path you choose, the latest CPU improvements bring a boost to the value of accelerated computing. Fast CPUs let the work that should be done on serial processors get done quickly and not be limiting to the overall application performance.

This allows your GPU to handle all the number crunching without being held up.

And in the post-Moore’s law era, accelerated computing offers a path to big performance gains. Those gains, in turn, fuel rapid innovation in AI, scientific breakthroughs and visualization and data and analytics.

It’s an approach being used by the biggest web companies — Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google — serving hundreds of millions of people every day. It’s one being used by teams of researchers doing cutting-edge science. And it’s becoming a key tool for Fortune 500 companies looking to lead, rather than lag behind, the disruptions being caused by AI.

Upgrade Your Data Center and Reduce Costs

Accelerated computing is everywhere, and now, thanks to a new generation of processors, your technology options are better than ever.

NVIDIA’s approach to accelerated computing provides incredible performance gains — 1.5x or higher per year. Powerful server nodes can often replace 10 or more non-accelerated nodes and deliver the same performance, slashing infrastructure acquisition costs. On top of that, the savings in operational costs, including energy consumption and floor space, mean you can move with confidence when making the decision to upgrade.

The question is no longer if GPUs should be deployed, but how many. With more than 450 HPC applications — including 10 of top 10 — and all major deep learning frameworks optimized for GPUs, every data center focused on HPC and AI application workloads will benefit from deploying GPUs. And now high performance computing is coming to the enterprise.

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