The World’s Biggest Esports Tournament Relies on GeForce GTX and G-SYNC

by James Grunke

Eighteen teams of world-class competitors. Rabid fans. One of the biggest prize pools in all of sports.

We love DotA 2. And everything we love about DotA 2 — the competitive pressure, the teamwork, the action, the community — will be on display at The International DotA 2 Championships on Aug. 7-12, in Seattle.

The prize pool alone — more than $23.1 million and growingthe largest prize pool in all of eSports, ensures this will be an event to remember.

That’s why we’re going all out to support an event — better known as simply “The International” — that, in less than a decade, has achieved fabled status.

Professional gamers demand the best performing and most reliable gaming solutions possible. That is why, for the third year running, GeForce GTX and NVIDIA G-SYNC are the official graphics platform of The International. Pro gamers will compete and warm up on 120 systems equipped with GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs and Acer G-SYNC Predator displays.

Meeting the Elite

Our involvement goes beyond powering The International. We partner with teams to help them prepare for the biggest tournament of the year.

As part of our work supporting pro teams, we brought in Team Secret — ranked No. 10 in the world and No. 4 in Europe — to our Silicon Valley headquarters’ esports bootcamp to prepare for this month’s tournament. Here, Team Secret trained in a facility stocked with the most advanced esports gear, a mirror image of the onstage TI systems.

“Every year we train on GeForce GTX and and G-SYNC,” said Matthew Bailey, manager of Team Secret, “because it is the defacto platform of choice for The International and all the majors in between.”

Tune In

The finals will take place at Seattle’s Key Arena. If you love DotA 2 like we do, don’t miss it. And click, here, to learn more about the official graphics platform of the world’s best DotA teams and The International, and to participate in our I <3 DOTA 2 giveaway.