AI Podcast: In From the Wild Blue Yonder: Why Warehouses May Be a Sweet Spot for Drones

by Allison Toh

Drones are taking to the skies. But some, like Marc Gyongyosi, believe that drones should be focusing on staying indoors.

When you’re indoors with flying machines, you have “no regulation,” said Gyongyosi.

Gyongyosi, the CEO and founder of IFM (intelligent flying machines), joined this week’s AI Podcast to share why he thinks that the real potential for drones lies inside a warehouse.

A warehouse is typically divided into two areas: picking and storage. Robots have already been deployed in picking locations, helping deliver parts to workers. Storage, by contrast, remains untouched due to its size and scale.

“What we realized is that in the storage locations, the only way to really automate those places, and to improve efficiency, is to completely – to install what is called a fully automated warehouse,” said Gyongyosi in a conversation with AI Podcast host Michael Copeland.

However, flying robots themselves aren’t the solution, explained Gyongyosi. “But a means to getting data in those spaces.”

For instance, data from drones can tell workers if a product is in its correct location, which will save them the time of having to search different areas for a misplaced product.

A recent graduate from Northwestern University, Gyongyosi founded IFM due to his interest in flying robots.

“The genesis of this company is really a combination of my passion for flight…with my experience in the robotics space, and specifically an understanding of what it really means to bring robots into real-world applications,” said Gyongyosi. “I saw an opportunity to bring drones indoors, so that’s what we’re doing.”

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