Award-Winning VFX Studio MPC Turns NVIDIA Quadro vDWS Into a Star

by Alex Micallef

You may have seen the work of leading visual effects studio MPC in movies such as The Jungle Book, Wonder Woman, Alien: Covenant and Pirates of the Caribbean. Now the latest name MPC is turning into a star is Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (vDWS).

MPC (Moving Picture Company), a subsidiary of Technicolor and a global leader in visual effects for over 25 years, has deployed Quadro vDWS to ensure they can keep connected, and creative, wherever they are in the world.

“As a VFX supervisor on large feature films, I need immediate access to my team’s work at all times,” said Greg Butler, an award-winning VFX supervisor with MPC. “Whether I’m on location for the shoot, in Los Angeles for client meetings or at home strategizing, NVIDIA technology helps me to keep my projects moving forward.”

The Show Must Go On

MPC’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Best Visual Effects Oscar for their work on Life of Pi and The Jungle Book.

For MPC to deliver on these graphically demanding projects, they need fast, reliable and flexible access to graphic-intensive software on mobile devices. No small undertaking, but NVIDIA virtual GPU is there to support them.

Thanks to deploying Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation software (Quadro vDWS) on NVIDIA Tesla M60-based servers in five locations around the world, the MPC team is able to provide remote access to their production platform, reviewTool. Mobile users can easily access Linux-based applications on the go, completely securely, with no reduction in performance – even on location in the desert.

MPC won the Best Visual Effects Oscar for The Jungle Book. Photo courtesy of MPC Film.

No Creative Limits

Quadro vDWS enables the MPC production teams to work in a way that wasn’t possible before. Now, they can more easily work as a global team and enjoy the same performance levels wherever they are.

“MPC’s reviewTool makes it possible to see everything happening on a show across the globe. Running reviewTool through Quadro vDWS means the content is always available and secure, freeing me to work remotely,” Butler said.