NVIDIA Invests in Chinese Autonomous Truck Startup TuSimple

by Alain Tiquet

NVIDIA GPU Ventures has joined a group of investors led by Chinese social media company Sina in investing more than $20 million in Chinese startup TuSimple.

Formed in 2015, TuSimple develops technology for autonomous long-distance freight delivery.

TuSimple uses NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, Jetson TX2, CUDA, TensorRT and cuDNN to develop its autonomous driving solution. In June, the company successfully completed a 200-mile Level 4 test drive from San Diego to Yuma, Arizona, using NVIDIA GPUs and cameras as the primary sensor.

TuSimple has over 100 employees in two R&D centers, in Beijing and San Diego.

“NVIDIA is unrivaled in delivering the computing performance needed for autonomous vehicles,” said Xiaodi Hou, chief technology office of TuSimple. “By combining NVIDIA technology with our expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence, we’re building a world-class platform that will disrupt the freight industry. We highly value our strategic partnership with NVIDIA.”

NVIDIA continues to expand its portfolio of startup investments, adding nine companies in four countries over the past year. New investments include:

  • ABEJA – Tokyo startup focused on AI-powered retail analytics systems
  • Datalogue – New York AI data-mining platform developed out of Cornell University
  • Deep Instinct – Israeli startup focued on cybersecurity
  • Element AI – Montreal startup helps companies quickly integrate AI capabilities
  • Fastdata.io – California startup offering streaming analytics software
  • Optimus Ride – MIT spinoff developing fully autonomous vehicles
  • SoundHound – Silicon Valley startup building voice-enabled AI solutions
  • TempoQuest – Colorado startup doing GPU-accelerated weather forecasting
  • Zebra Medical – Israeli startup using AI to read medical images

NVIDIA GPU Ventures is one element of the company’s extensive involvement in the AI ecosystem. We also have our Inception program, which includes some 1,750 startups from around the world, which we support with a team that provides access to technology, strategic expertise and our global marketing platform.