NVIDIA Debuts World’s Most Powerful Data Center Workstation at VMworld

See demos of advanced monitoring and management with VMware vROps integration and vGPU-enabled vSphere suspend and resume functionality.
by Anne Hecht

NVIDIA Quadro professional workstations are all about power and performance for high-end visual computing. With the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing platform, they enable complex simulations, 3D rendering, virtual reality and AI-enhanced applications.

The modern workplace demands the same performance in its virtual environment as on a physical workstation. That’s why we announced the new Quadro Virtual DataCenter Workstation (Quadro vDWS) — the most powerful virtual workstation in the market.

We’ll be showing the power of Quadro vDWS running simulations and photo-realistic renderings in the NVIDIA booth 531 at VMworld, taking place this week in Las Vegas.

With support for the Tesla P100, P40, P4 and new P6, Quadro vDWS can handle larger datasets and deliver up to 2x the the graphics performance, of it’s predecessor Maxwell, for organizations that need virtualized graphics alongside compute capabilities enabled by CUDA.

Of course, the growth of Windows 10 in the enterprise is driving a new reliance on virtual GPUs for VDI. At VMworld, we’ll also debut the latest GRID vPC, specifically designed for modern business applications and knowledge workers. In a demo, you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of VDI with and without GRID vPC, and experience the dramatic improvement on application performance and user experience.

The Quadro vDWS and enhanced GRID vPC products take advantage of new end-to-end management and monitoring capabilities. With visibility into cluster, host, VM and now application-level monitoring, IT architects can design their deployments more efficiently, IT admins can proactively manage their environments, and IT help-desks can resolve customer issues faster. With deep integration into VMware vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) platform, the NVIDIA virtual GPU management pack delivers the single pane of glass enterprises are already used to.

In addition, we’ll be showcasing deep integration of the virtual GPU product line with two key demonstrations:

  • NVIDIA GRID Management Pack integration with VMware vROps. Enterprises today are using VMware vROPs to operate their large-scale deployments and can now add the ability to monitor a vGPU-enabled virtual machine to their existing business processes. (Available now)
  • Virtual GPU-enabled vSphere suspend and resume capabilities. This capability enables administrators to suspend a running job and resume it at a later time with no user interaction required and is a foundational technology for vGPU-enabled vMotion support. (Tech demo)

There are several sessions at VMworld that will provide a deep dive into NVIDIA GRID, including:

Join us at NVIDIA booth 531 at VMworld to learn more and find out about the vMotion tech demonstration or visit our virtual GPU solutions.