How ANSYS Discovery Live Transforms Design

Real-time design-simulation made easy with NVIDIA CUDA.
by Baskar Rajagopalan

Harnessing the power of GPUs to help shape new products in real time, ANSYS announced its Discovery Live technology preview this week.

ANSYS Discovery Live is an interactive and CAD-agnostic Windows-based app that gives engineers instantaneous simulation results to help them explore and refine product designs.

By making use of CUDA, our parallel computing and programming platform, Discovery Live shortens design-simulation workflows from days and hours to minutes and seconds. This helps engineers make faster and smarter design decisions and, for the first time, means real-time engineering simulation is now used as a design tool.

“Our vision is to allow every engineer to benefit from the insight simulation can bring to product development,” said Mark Hindsbo, vice president and general manager at ANSYS “Our partnership with NVIDIA and the CUDA infrastructure for massively parallel computing has allowed us to, as the first in the world, bring real-time interactive simulation with multiple physics to the market with ANSYS Discovery Live.”

There’s no longer a need for geometry clean-up, tedious meshing operations or setting up complex conditions to perform simulation along with dedicated tools for post-processing results.

Engineers can simulate physics and see the impact of design changes in real time — all in a single, easy-to-use application.

Getting Started with Discovery Live

The Discovery Live technology preview includes structural, fluid dynamics and thermal simulation with integrated direct modeling design features.

To get started, all you need is a computer with a dedicated NVIDIA mobile or a desktop GPU with at least 4GB of memory and the latest graphics driver.

We recommend a Quadro P5000, P6000 or GP100 to get the best visualization performance. ANSYS Discovery Live automatically boosts simulation fidelity based on the available GPU memory. So the more powerful the GPU, the better.

If you don’t have a graphics card that meets these specifications, the software will not run. However, you can try ANSYS Discovery Live through an online cloud-based trial that requires only an internet browser and a reasonably fast internet connection.

To learn more about Discovery Live and to sign up for a trial, go to You can also see the product live at upcoming GPU Technology Conferences.

ANSYS Discovery Live technology preview users can contact their PNY representative to learn how to receive a discount on the purchase of new Quadro graphics processors.