NVIDIA and HP Enable Workflows of the Future

New HP Z Workstations with Quadro GPUs built for AI, VR and more.
by Sandeep Gupte

Powerful new workflows are developing across industries like product design, engineering and manufacturing. That’s because deep learning and virtual reality are increasingly used for detailed exploration of designs and projects, in both the discovery and testing phases.

With these emerging technologies comes the challenges of greater complexity and data sizes. To meet these challenges, HP has reinvented its Z series desktop PCs. Powered by NVIDIA Quadro pro graphics, these machines let even the most demanding users tap into the power of these new workflows and accelerate their development cycles.

To perform software development, neural network training and test deployment, workstations need the most advanced GPUs possible. The latest HP Z8 and Z6 Desktop Workstations come equipped with the extreme power of the NVIDIA Quadro GP100.

The GP100 unifies design and compute workflows. It has incredible horsepower to create detailed 3D models, run intensive CAE simulations to validate designs and evaluate design prototypes in immersive VR. Users can even connect two GP100 cards with NVIDIA NVLink technology to scale performance with an amazing 32GB of combined HBM2 ultra-high-bandwidth memory. This empowers designers and engineers to truly allow computational capacity to aid them in design and problem solving.

“The merging of big data and artificial intelligence is beginning to power deep learning solutions in an effort to achieve better-than-human results,” said Josh Peterson, vice president of product management for workstations at HP Inc. “The combination of the Quadro GP100 and HP Z Workstations, including the new HP Z8 – the most powerful PC on the planet – will deliver the compute power required.”

The new HP Z4 Desktop Workstations are ideal for smaller development loads. They come equipped with a VR-Ready Quadro P5000 GPU, which offers up to 8.9 TFLOPs of compute performance with up to 288GB/s of memory bandwidth.

With the new HP Z-series and NVIDIA GPUs, product designers, architects, digital creators, scientists, educators, healthcare workers, financial traders and others can handle the workflows of the future.

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