Painting the Town Smart: NVIDIA Launches Metropolis Software Partner Program

by Saurabh Jain

Opening up our effort to put deep learning to work creating safer, smarter cities, our Metropolis Software Partner Program, announced today, brings together a dozen software partners.

The program offers a curated list of applications that makes it easy for systems integrators and hardware vendors to build new products.

Together, we’re taking advantage of the more than 1 billion video cameras that will be in our cities by the year 2020 to solve a dizzying array of problems.

Imagine video-based, automated, real-time control of traffic signals to ease traffic congestion. Or cameras mounted on traffic lights that can help you find parking spaces. Or even using cameras to better target preventative maintenance for roads and bridges.

Metropolis enables all of this and more.

This software partner program follows the debut in May of our Metropolis edge-to-cloud platform, with its rich set of hardware and SDKs. To make it into our Metropolis Software Partner Program, partners must have production-ready, field-proven solutions.

Here’s our inaugural list of partners and applications:

BriefcamVideo synopsis solution for quick video review and search, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights.
Deep VisionBrand logo recognition, face demographics and recognition, and context tags identification to perform analytics and extract meaningful insights for retail customers.
Herta SecurityFacial recognition solutions for law enforcement in crowded public places.
IcetanaSelf-learning intelligent analytics to detect anomalies in real time from surveillance videos and quickly alert operators.
IronyunAI video sear­ch using a natural language interface.
Omni AISelf-learning system for anomaly detection on video, SCADA, cyber, image and analytics data in real time.
OpenALPRAutomatic license plate recognition software for smart cities, law enforcement and corporations.
Sensen NetworksReal-time parking and speed enforcement solutions for cities. Applications for casinos such as table game and customer analytics.
SensetimeFacial recognition solution for public safety, retail and access control.
VisionLabsCross-platform facial recognition solution for controlled (biometric authentication and identity assurance) and uncontrolled (retail, smart cities and public safety) scenarios at scale.
VocordReal-time biometric facial recognition software with very high accuracy.
XjeraSolution for people and vehicle counting for enterprise and commercial applications offering high accuracy, high levels of customization and robust security.

Solutions like these are fueling a growing array of use cases. These include putting deep learning to work to help first responders react to emergencies more quickly. And delivering more personalized experiences to shoppers. All this can be done with anonymized video that maintains privacy, while still being able to extract useful metadata.

The result: safer, more efficient cities for all of us.