Stream Smarter: Google Assistant Now on SHIELD TV

by Chris Daniel

The most advanced streamer just got smarter. SHIELD TV now offers the Google Assistant.

SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.0, available for download now, brings the power of the Google Assistant to your living room. And like SHIELD, your Google Assistant will continue to improve.

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. Your Google Assistant is ready to help whenever you need it. Using natural language, many of the life-simplifying capabilities of the Google Assistant are now on your TV.

And coming soon, when paired with a SmartThings Link, SHIELD will work as a SmartThings Hub.

Meet Your Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is enhanced for the TV experience. It can search apps on SHIELD and control your media with voice commands like “pause” or “play Game of Thrones.” Plus, by taking advantage of the TV screen, you get an enhanced visual response to your questions.

This show-don’t-tell experience in the living room means you can ask “who plays Daenerys Targaryen” and quickly discover that Emilia Clarke was also Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys.

Visual context also means that when you ask how your favorite team is doing, you’ll get the latest score, plus divisional standings, onscreen. Other visual enhancements include: seeing items on a menu, and being shown different purchase options when shopping.

The Google Assistant on SHIELD makes your living room a command center. With your Google Assistant, you can browse movies and TV shows, but you can also ask it questions, or ask to see your Google Photos: sharing photos from your trip overseas or the latest hiking adventure is simple and fun to relive on the big screen. You can also ask your Google Assistant what’s on your agenda for the day, and rather than a long-winded audio response, integration with Calendar means you’ll see what’s on your schedule at a glance.

The Google Assistant on SHIELD works with supported Assistant devices. This comes in handy in a number of ways, like when you’re watching a movie and want to dim the lights.

Look, Ma! No Hands!

There are two ways to trigger your Google Assistant – by pressing the microphone button on the remote (the SHIELD button on the controller), or with a hands-free command: you can just say, “Ok Google,” from within shouting distance of the SHIELD controller.

SHIELD controller’s built-in microphone and low-power ambient listening capabilities activate your Google Assistant with just your voice. With SHIELD’s hands-free capability, you can leave your remote on the table and use speech to enjoy TV.

So whether you need to rewind the movie you’re watching on HBO Now while it’s too cold to come out from the blankets — or you see “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” at the end of a session of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and realize you could go for some Domino’s — you’re always just an “Ok Google” away.

Your Home, Made Smarter with SmartThings

SHIELD becomes the hub for your total AI home control by incorporating SmartThings’ hub core technology. When paired with a SmartThings Link, SHIELD works as a SmartThings Hub, integrating with hundreds of Works With SmartThings certified partner products on the market. Using SHIELD, you’ll be able to perform tasks like turning on your lights, adjusting the thermostat and much more.

It also means Routines can be set up in your smart home, letting you instantly trigger customizable actions at different times you choose, like when you’re asleep, awake, on vacation, at the office, out shopping or back home. SmartThings will remember all the actions you’ve personalized and perform them exactly when you say so, automatically, with the SmartThings app or with a single voice command.

Three Months Free of Ad-Free Music on YouTube

To celebrate launching the Google Assistant on SHIELD, new and existing SHIELD owners will receive three months of YouTube Red for free. YouTube Red is everything you already love about YouTube, with no interruptions getting in the way. No ads, no breaks, no worries, no matter where you are. It’s YouTube uninterrupted. Visit for more details.

SmartThings Link, the key to unlocking SHIELD as a SmartThings Hub, is coming soon. Priced at $39.99 regularly, SmartThings Link will launch at a promotional price of $14.99.

For more information, or to order the world’s most advanced streamer, visit