GTC Europe Shines a Spotlight on Healthcare and Finance

by Alex White

Healthcare and Finance are two areas where AI and GPU computing are making a real and tremendous difference to industry and people’s lives. GTC Europe has two specialist tracks devoted to these fields that bring together experts to connect, discover, learn and innovate.

AI in Healthcare

AI and deep learning are set to revolutionize the healthcare industry — from how we diagnose cancer to how doctors make decisions in intensive care units.

At GTC Europe, running from 10-12 October, a dedicated healthcare track will shine a light on deep learning’s deepest impact. Physicians, scientists and researchers will gather to discuss the future of AI for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biomedical research. With sessions from industry experts on evidence-based precision medicine, targeted therapeutics and population healthcare strategies, this is an event not to be missed.

Key sessions include:

  • Bram Van Ginneken, professor of medical image analysis at Radboud University Medical Center, will provide an overview of the recent developments in the use of deep learning for medical image analysis.
  • Daniel Rueckert, head of the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, will describe how deep learning can be used to reconstruct medical images from undersampled data, image super-resolution, image segmentation and image classification.
  • Kamil Tamiola, CEO of Peptone – The Protein Intelligence Company, will explore protein biophysics from the perspective of machine learning and AI.
  • Joerg Aumueller, global product manager of Artificial Intelligence at Siemens Healthineers, will explain how turning medical images into biomarkers can help increase the effectiveness of care through quantitative imaging.
  • Steve Gardner, CEO of RowAnalytics Ltd., will present a groundbreaking multi-factor genomic, phenotypic and clinical data association platform and its use in building accurate disease risk models and clinical decision support tools.

Conference attendees can also delve deeper into this world through the industry-specific labs hosted by our Deep Learning Institute:

  • Image Classification with TensorFlow: Radiomics – 1p19q Chromosome Status Classification
  • Medical Image Analysis Using R and MXNet
  • Modeling Time Series Data with RNNs in Keras

AI in Finance

Some of Europe’s top financial institutions will showcase at GTC Europe how GPU computing and deep learning technology are being applied in the financial services sector.

Attendees to this track will be able to explore a number of use cases, including how deep learning solutions can dramatically improve productivity in eCommunications surveillance and enable the efficient discovery for GDPR compliance. They’ll also be able to explore state-of-the art research in analytics, speech recognition plus much more.

Make sure not to miss:

  • Shahzad Chohan and Toby Leheup from Credit Suisse will explain how their company has implemented deep learning in eCommunications surveillance, and how moving to GPU-accelerated models has yielded significant business value.
  • Pierre Spatz, head of quantitative research at Murex, will present his firm’s story as early adopters of GPUs for pricing and risk management of complex financial options, as well as delving deeper into Minsky at Murex.
  • Nigel Cannings, CTO at Intelligent Voice, will showcase into his company’s solution to capture, index and analyse mobile phone calls, as well as introducing them as part of a compliance and monitoring workflow for MiFID II.
  • James Mesney, principal solutions engineer at Kinetica, will present how GPUs enable XVA pricing and risk calculations for risk aggregation.

The Deep Learning Institute will offer two finance-specific courses on Wednesday, 11th October:

  • Trading Strategy for Finance Using LSTMs
  • Algorithmic Trading Using Deep Autoencoder-based Statistical Arbitrage

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