Join Us as We Build NVIDIA Holodeck

NVIDIA invites designers to apply for early access to the design lab of the future.
by Zvi Greenstein

Imagine rendering large, photorealistic and highly detailed models, in real time, at life-like scale.

Suppose you could collaborate on your design, naturally, with colleagues from all over the world.

Consider what you could do if the interaction between you, your colleagues, the model and the environment was physically simulated. So everything looks and feels real.

Now think about training AI to power the prototypes you build in this virtual world — whether they’re autonomous cars or robots — before you unleash them in the real one.

Welcome to the design lab of the future. Welcome to NVIDIA Holodeck.

Beam Aboard Holodeck

At our GPU Technology Conference in Munich Tuesday, we extended an invitation to designers to apply for early access to Holodeck, which turns VR into a collaborative design tool.

Holodeck lets you bring designers, decision makers and customers together from anywhere in the world to share a virtual experience, and to build and explore designs in a realistic VR environment.

It’s a technology we first demonstrated in May — as Project Holodeck — at our GTC developers conference in Silicon Valley.

A VR Experience Like No Other

Holodeck is an effort rooted in decades of work. And it shows:

  • You’ll import and interact with highly complex, detailed models consisting of tens of millions of polygons, beautiful materials, and textures, thanks to state-of-the-art rendering techniques optimized for real-time VR using NVIDIA DesignWorks and VRWorks.
  • You’ll work in an environment that not only looks real, but feels real, thanks to the suite of tools, such as NVIDIA PhysX, we built to help VR developers create amazing virtual worlds that obey the laws of physics.

And with Holodeck it’s possible not just to import and interact with objects, but to interact with them as we do in the real world. Our Isaac Lab, a powerful simulation environment, uses Holodeck to train and transfer intelligence from the virtual world to the real one.

All the above makes Holodeck something unique. It’s the first photorealistic, collaborative, intelligent design platform for VR.

NVIDIA Holodeck
Import your models into Holodeck and invite your colleagues to join you in your virtual design lab.

Early Access to Holodeck

This is where you come in.

Today, we welcome experienced 3D designers to apply to NVIDIA Holodeck Early Access. We want to know how you’ll use Holodeck in your design workflow.

You’ll be able to bring your work with you — you can import your models into Holodeck and invite your colleagues to join you in your virtual design lab.

With early access you can import models from 3dsMax and Maya into Holodeck.

You’ll need a powerful VR-enabled system to get the best experience from Holodeck. Early access will support GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Quadro P6000 and TITAN Xp GPUs. More detailed requirements and further information can be found at

Interested in helping us build the design lab of the future? Apply now. We look forward to hearing your feedback.