A Real Life Hoverbike and 4 Other Stunning Demos at GTC DC

by Brian Caulfield

An AI police car. A holodeck. A hoverbike. Yes, a hoverbike.

Most people don’t think of AI and cutting-edge technology when they think of our nation’s capital. But that’s going to change — bigly — when NVIDIA and a couple dozen technology partners take over the Reagan Center for our GPU Technology Conference in Washington on Nov. 1-2.

For GTC DC’s 1,500 expected attendees, it’ll be like stepping into a time machine — with more than 30 technology demos that until recently would be the stuff of science fiction.

A few highlights:

  • The Hoverbike – One look and you know you’re living in the future. The Hoverbike — created by the engineers at SURVICE and Malloy Aeronautics — could be the world’s biggest autonomous aerial delivery drone. It can carry close to 300 pounds, making it ideal for delivering supplies and even carrying people from danger.
  • AI Police Car – A crook’s worst nightmare? The premise for a classic 1980s cop show? COBAN has put together an AI-enabled police cruiser that uses the NVIDIA Metropolis intelligent video analytics to identify vehicles and other objects in real time.
  • Holodeck – Welcome to the design lab of the future. In this demo, you’ll strap on a headset and work with others to explore a photorealistic McLaren 720S supercar. Holodeck lets you render and interact with huge models such as these in real time, at life-like scale.
  • Vincent AI – This demo lets you pick up a stylus, draw a few lines on a tablet and see your squiggles turn into artwork in the style of a master painter. From moody oil paintings to neon-hued pop art, you can finally be an artist without starving for 10 years.
  • NASA’s ISS Hybrid Reality Experience — Wield a drill while floating hundreds of miles above the Earth. Interact with water in microgravity. Dock a spacecraft to the International Space Station. All in the most immersive experience possible. This is how astronauts train: in an environment that combines VR and real-world objects. The result is out of this world.

These are a few of the more than 30 demos that will be on display next week at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Center in Washington. Get more information and register for the show at the GTC DC website.