NVIDIA and Booz Allen Hamilton Bring Deep Learning to Federal Government

by Will Ramey

We’re working with Booz Allen Hamilton to help the U.S. federal government apply deep learning techniques to key challenges in areas such as healthcare and cybersecurity.

Certified Deep Learning Institute instructors from NVIDIA and Booz Allen will provide hands-on training to federal customers across a variety of government agencies to build deep learning and data-driven solutions that are needed in the field.

“The Deep Learning Institute has developed industry-leading curricula with the world’s leading AI experts, and we deliver that in hands-on classes taught by certified instructors,” said Greg Estes, vice president of Developer Programs at NVIDIA. “By working together with Booz Allen Hamilton, we will train specialists and data scientists to help tackle complex challenges that confront the federal government in healthcare, cybersecurity and other important areas.”

“Deep learning and AI-first approaches are critical to every federal agency. Booz Allen and NVIDIA working together to meet the demand of the federal government for training and applying deep learning techniques will further innovation,” said Dr. Josh Sullivan, a senior vice president who leads Booz Allen’s data science capabilities. “Together with NVIDIA, we’ve already seen through the Data Science Bowl how deep learning can speed cancer and heart disease diagnoses. Machine intelligence, powered by deep learning and other techniques, will help organizations — public and private sector alike — supercharge human ingenuity to uncover new revelations about the complex systems in which we live and work.”

The companies are working together to develop cyberdefense solutions for government and commercial customers. A joint cyber-innovation team is using NVIDIA technology to rapidly build solutions that use machine learning and deep learning to detect cyberthreats faster and more efficiently.

Peter Guerra, vice president and chief data scientist at Booz Allen, said that the U.S. federal government has the largest cybersecurity workforce on the planet, and is also the largest cybertarget. He said that by using AI, Booz Allen reduced the time it takes to determine if a spear-phishing attack was successful “from three to four hours to a few seconds.” Watch a brief video, below, with his comments from GTC DC this week in Washington.

NVIDIA and Booz Allen have worked together since 2015 on a variety of initiatives leveraging NVIDIA’s deep learning platform. NVIDIA has helped support the Data Science Bowl, a competition organized by Booz Allen and Kaggle to advance socially responsible research. The Data Science Bowl brings together thousands of data scientists, domain experts and organizations to research some of the world’s toughest challenges, like ocean health and heart disease. The top 10 teams in the most recent competition all used NVIDIA GPUs to improve the speed and effectiveness of detecting lung cancer.

Booz Allen is participating in NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, Nov. 1-2, in Washington, presenting research for leveraging machine intelligence across government and industry.

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute teaches the applied use of deep learning through hands-on labs and online courses. It has trained tens of thousands of students worldwide since it was formed in 2016. Classes and workshops cover a variety of subjects, such as self-driving cars, natural language processing, healthcare, robotics, video analytics and financial services. Students learn how to use NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud through Amazon Web Services.

For more information about DLI or to sign up for training (in-person or self-paced online), visit the DLI website.