Clarifying Conversations: Recordsure Uses AI to Make Sense of Customer Calls

by Jack Watts

“For training purposes, this conversation will be recorded.”

But not for training new members of staff. This time, it will be training AI.

Recordsure, a U.K.-based startup, is helping companies to understand and optimize their customer conversations through GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence.

Using a combination of speech analytics and natural language processing, running on NVIDIA GPUs, the company aims to transform how calls are used in financial services, government services, healthcare and other industries.

Recordsure’s solution records customer interactions and then uses AI to extract, understand and analyze critical data. This can then be used to make reviewal processes more efficient, lower operational costs and improve the customer experience.

“Our solution has been proven to reduce compliance costs by up to 50 percent, resulting in staff being able to spend more time helping customers,” Kit Ruparel, CTO at Recordsure, explains. “NVIDIA’s GPUs provide us with the power that we need to drive our solution forward.”

screenshot of Recordsure user interface
Recordsure’s solution uses AI to clarify conversations.

Focusing on Finance

Recordsure’s primary focus is on the finance industry. NatWest, one of the U.K.’s top four banks, recently began trialing its solution with its mortgage advisors. NatWest believes that using AI in this way will help to reassure customers that they’re receiving the best possible information and advice.

Recordsure’s AI technology analyzes conversations between advisors and customers, and can identify topics which have, or have not, been discussed — separating polite greetings from in-depth financial discussions.

This allows NatWest to review conversations more efficiently to ensure that customers are receiving the advice they need and that crucial information is not missed. Customers also don’t need to worry about these recordings getting into the wrong hands, as all recordings are stored on servers with military-grade security.

Recordsure is one of the more than 2,000 startups worldwide that have joined our Inception program. Through this program, we help accelerate startups by providing them with access to technology, expertise and marketing support.

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  • Emmanuel Transport

    Thanks for a very informational article Jack. Im in the moving industry and I agree that introducing this sort of AI into our business would dramatically reduce cost and further streamline our business procedures. Altimately, an AI that can actually replace a person answering the phone would be taking things to the next level. Do you believe that we are close to this becoming a reality?

  • Emily Bryce

    Thanks for your question! Right now, the strength of systems like Recordsure and SAP Service Ticket Intelligence lies in analysing conversations, categorising tickets and providing recommendations. Creating completely artificial agents remains an ambitious goal. In the immediate term, AI is a powerful tool to help human agents deliver a more responsive, positive customer service experience.