At SC17, NVIDIA Volta Is Everywhere

by Christina Olmsted

Weather forecasting and simulation. Molecular modeling. Quantum mechanics. The NVIDIA accelerated computing platform fuels many of the high performance computing industry’s groundbreaking science discoveries.

There are few bigger showcases for this work than the annual Supercomputing tradeshow. For SC17, in Denver from November 12-17, the leading companies and brightest minds in HPC will come together to discuss and demo their computationally intensive work.

And one of the stars of this year’s show will be NVIDIA Volta architecture-based Tesla V100 GPU accelerators — the most advanced data center GPU ever built.

Our SC17 highlights include:

  • Special Address from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: Watch live from the Curtis Hotel in Denver or stream the presentation.
  • NVIDIA Volta Tour: Visit our partners’ booths throughout the show floor. Grab a raffle ticket at each stop, and drop them off at our booth for a chance to win a Tesla V100 GPU. The more booths you visit, the better chance you have of winning.
  • HPC Hot Topics: Learn from industry leaders who will share their insights on the biggest trends in HPC — AI, exascale, cloud computing and more. See the schedule.
  • Interactive Demos: Experience incredible demos on AI, science and design.
  • NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute: Join us for Deep Learning Fundamentals hands-on labs on Tuesday, November 14, from 9am-5pm in the Curtis Hotel in the Marco Polo room.
  • NVIDIA SC17 on Social: Get real-time SC17 updates from NVIDIA via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Additionally, many of our partners are showcasing Volta and GPU technology in the exhibit hall. Here are a few highlights:

  • Advance HPC: Featuring the 1U rackmount Supermicro SuperServer 1028GR-TR, showcasing four NVIDIA Tesla V100 PCIe GPUs.
  • Boxx: Showing off the new NVIDIA Volta architecture-powered APEXX D5, ideal for deskside development and training.
  • MathWorks: Holding hands-on demonstrations including how to develop, scale and embed GPU-accelerated algorithms within the MATLAB framework.
  • Microway: Offering free design workshops for application and deployment, including a session on getting acquainted with the NumberSmasher 1U NVIDIA Tesla GPU server and Octoputer NVIDIA Tesla 8-GPU server with NVLink interconnect technology with NVIDIA Tesla V100.
  • Mellanox: Featuring the NVIDIA DGX-1 at their booth and holding state-of-the-art presentations for customers and key technology providers.
  • One Stop Systems: Showing GPU Expansion Accelerators used to provide scale-up NVIDIA Tesla V100 solutions for hyper-converged HPC nodes or composable infrastructure data center solutions using any OEM server.
  • Penguin Computing: Showcasing Tundra ES and Relion family of products that empower system operators with scalable, cost-efficient HPC servers, optimized with NVIDIA’s latest GPU technology.
  • Rave Computer: Displaying NVIDIA GPU compute solutions that can support up to 10 Tesla V100 PCI-E cards in a 4U server and uses NVIDIA Volta to drive its computing power.
  • Univa: Featuring solutions that uniquely abstract NVIDIA GPUs so customers workloads can be managed, monitored and reported.

For additional information on our presence at the show, including recruiting, developer zone activities and hands-on labs, check NVIDIA’s Supercomputing 2017 website.