Partners Across Industries Endorse TITAN V

by Matt Wuebbling

AI researchers are flocking to support our new TITAN V, which brings the power of our Volta GPU architecture to personal computers.

TITAN V was introduced by our CEO Jensen Huang Thursday evening at an event attended by hundreds of AI researchers gathered at the Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems — better known as NIPS — in Long Beach, Calif.

“Technology like the TITAN V is enabling machine learning experts to do things that were previously impossible,” said Scott Clark, CEO and co-founder of SigOpt, which optimizes AI models. “Now it is easier than ever to build and optimize AI models right at your desk by leveraging the newest NVIDIA TITAN technology and tools like SigOpt.”

The GPUs promise to bring the power of our seventh-generation GPU architecture to the desktops of the world’s leading AI researchers. And along with our earlier generation TITAN Xp GPU, TITAN V will be supported by our NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC), giving users instant access to a complete optimized deep learning software stack.

That’s key for innovators who rely on desktop systems to do their work, explained Jeremy Antoniuk, chief operating officer of Deep Cognition, whose AI platform provides a visual solution to developing, training, deploying and managing AI.

“As an NVIDIA Inception partner, we trust NVIDIA to deliver innovative solutions to the AI market. Today, their solutions further evolve to better support an important phase of AI development: experimentation,” Antoniuk said. “With TITAN V and NGC, Deep Cognition’s Deep Learning Studio has built a powerful desktop solution for AI development, iteration and training.”

TITAN V also makes AI more accessible for creatives — who have long relied on powerful GPUs to do their work, said Sam Assadian, CEO and co-founder of Isotropix, which provides high-end graphics software, such as Clarisse.

“Thanks to its AI-driven denoising capability, OptiX 5.0 accelerates the Clarisse path tracer up to eight times,” said Assadian. “Combined with TITAN V, it will be a game changer for artists as they can make instant creative decisions on images that are very close to final renders — all from their PC.”