Nutanix AHV with NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions Ready to Meet Demands of Any Workload

by Anne Hecht

IT teams can now meet the demands of an enterprise-wide virtual workspace with GPU-accelerated Nutanix AHV. It’s the first commercial kernel virtual machine-based enterprise-grade hypervisor to support virtual GPUs. And with vGPU support for AHV, it’s bringing graphics acceleration to a new generation of cloud and data center VDI environments.

With NVIDIA vGPU solutions, which include GRID vPC, GRID vApps and Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS), combined with the Tesla P40 or M60 GPU for high-end graphics and the high user density of the Tesla M10 GPU, Nutanix’s high-density, scale-out architecture results in amazing performance and a reduced infrastructure footprint.

NVIDIA Tesla-powered vGPU solutions offer end-to-end management and monitoring tools for greater vGPU visibility at the host and guest level. With these capabilities in the Nutanix Prism management interface, users gain greater control and management of NVIDIA vGPU resources to simultaneously maximize performance, accelerate Windows 10 migration and lower VDI spend.

With AHV included in the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, customers get an enterprise-grade hypervisor at no additional licensing cost. AHV delivers all the enterprise virtualization management features that enable a more powerful, yet lean, virtualization stack with no software bloat.

“Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is the next-generation computing platform designed to meet the demands of any workload while reducing cost,” said Rajiv Mirani, SVP of engineering at Nutanix. “Virtual GPU monitoring capabilities provided by NVIDIA Tesla-powered vGPU solutions allow IT to intelligently design, manage and support their end users’ experience.”

Nutanix AHV with support for NVIDIA vGPU is available starting now. More information is available at the NVIDIA and Nutanix webpage.

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