Introducing New Members of NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor Program

by Jared Cowart

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the latest members of our 2018 NVIDIA virtual GPU Community Advisors Program, or NGCA.

Entering its third year, NGCA (formerly the NVIDIA GRID Advisors Program) brings together graphics virtualization thought leaders from around the globe who have invested significant time and resources to become experts in NVIDIA products and solutions.

This select group engages with NVIDIA team members to help drive the future of graphics virtualization and cloud technologies by providing feedback on product strategy, shaped by their experiences and expertise.

Our advisors are in a unique position to champion, monitor and advise our virtual GPU development team on product strategy based on their experiences and expertise.

Here’s what a few of our 2018 members had to say:

“Having been part of the inaugural NGCA program, it has been wonderful to see this program flourish and help foster the connectivity between NVIDIA and its customers on both social and technical levels. It is truly an honor to be able to continue as a part of this program among so many esteemed members.”

— Tobias Kreidl, Desktop Creation and Integration Services team lead, Northern Arizona University

“Like the old adage, ‘iron sharpens iron,’ sharing knowledge both energizes me and helps empower others to perform at a higher level. It’s awesome to share my end-user computing, VDI, RemoteApps and GPU insights with NVIDIA, customers and community peers and learn from others!”

— Ruben Spruijt, CTO, Frame

“To be accepted to the NGCA program for a second year running is a great privilege. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with groundbreaking and exciting technologies, innovative teams and individuals. The program will mean EBB3 and other leaders in the sector can collaborate to enable virtualized working on a global scale while pushing the boundaries of graphical software capabilities.”

— Ben Jones, co-founder and director of Platform, EBB3

We look forward to working with all of our 2018 advisors, gaining their feedback and insights. Please join us in congratulating them:

Kees Baggerman – Nutanix Inc., Netherlands
Barry Coombs – Computerworld Systems LTD., UK
Rick Dehlinger – Citrix Systems, Inc., USA
Tony Foster – Dell EMC, USA
Ronald Grass – Citrix Systems GmbH, Germany
Marc Huppert – Computacenter, Germany
Magnar Johnsen – Firstpoint AS, Norway
Ben Jones – EBB3, UK
Tobias Kreidl – Northern Arizona University, USA
Jits Langedijk – PQR, Netherlands
Sean Massey – AHEAD, USA
Theresa Miller – 24×7 IT Connection, LLC, USA
Eduardo Molina – RoundTower Technologies, USA
Thomas Poppelgaard –, Denmark
Rasmus Raun-Nielsen – Conecto A/S, Denmark
Soren Reinertsen – Net IT A/S, Denmark
Chris Rogers – CBR Consulting, Inc (Independent), USA
Marius Sandbu – EVRY, Norway
Kanishk Sethi – Intel Security/Mcafee, India
Ruben Spruijt – Frame, Netherlands
Adam Strizzolo – Beantech, Italy
Roy Textor – Textor IT, Germany
Benny Tritsch – IT Consulting, Germany
Johan van Amersfoort – ITQ Consultancy, Netherlands
Dane Young – Entisys360, USA

We received an overwhelming response from well-qualified applicants and we encourage all those to re-submit when we open the application process up again next year. Follow #NGCA and @NVIDIAVirt for more information.