Sweden’s Uniti Reimagines Urban Mobility with NVIDIA-Powered Autonomous Electric Car

by Amy MacMillan

From its sustainable production facility on the Swedish coast, startup Uniti recently unveiled its vision for the future of transportation. The centerpiece: Uniti One, an affordable, all-electric vehicle that sets new standards in sustainability, safety and convenience.

Over 20 partners, including NVIDIA, joined 2,000 attendees to celebrate the launch and learn about the road Uniti traveled to reimagine urban mobility.

Uniti One
The Uniti One. All photos courtesy of UNITI Sweden.

Unlike many secretive companies in this space, Uniti spent the last year providing regular updates and behind the scenes footage to their fans on YouTube. But nothing quite compares to the final reveal. Investors and interested buyers alike showed up in droves to see the car up close.

One of the first indications that Uniti is a non-traditional car company was the recitation of an opening poem at the launch event, highlighting the motivations and ambitions for rethinking urban mobility.

Reflecting on the autonomous intelligence in the vehicle, the poem anticipated “a vehicle that perceives the world and, like us, attempts to understand it. A bond between human and machine.”

While these lines were written to distill a vision, the unveiling demonstrated that vision come to life. Uniti shared that they will offer a line of two-, four- and five-seat electric vehicle models, with first deliveries targeted for 2019. High-end versions will retail for around €19,900, with lower cost options available for €14,500.

Uniti One launch event

The vehicles will include all of the necessary equipment for safe vehicle autonomy, including NVIDIA DRIVE PX.

Speaking on stage at the event, NVIDIA Automotive Director Eddy Gryvelius congratulated the team on the enormous task of creating a completely new vehicle design. “Uniti is not a typical startup,” he said. “We work with startups all over the world, but it’s not everyday you get to work with a startup that launches a brand new car.”

In addition to the focus on environmental sustainability and on safety through autonomy and driver assistance features, Uniti is redefining user experiences inside the vehicle.

Inside the cabin of the Uniti One

An advanced heads-up display offers a 3D interface that can be controlled with head and hand tracking. Other interaction points have been reinvented, replacing buttons and levers with swipe surfaces and gesture controls. And two available steering options, including a center-pivot joystick control system unique to Uniti, make the Uniti One unlike any vehicle before it. A bond between human and machine, indeed.

Visit Uniti’s website to learn more about or pre-order the Uniti One.