CES 2018: NVIDIA Racks Up Awards in Gaming, Automotive

by Matt Wuebbling

There’s no better way to leave Las Vegas than with a big bag of loot.

We left the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week with more than 20 awards for everything from our dazzling new Big Format Gaming Displays to our sophisticated NVIDIA DRIVE automotive AI platform.

The awards mirror the story we brought with us to CES: we’re transforming gaming, television and transportation, and bringing modern AI — powered by GPUs — to cars, homes and the cloud.

In the fast-growing PC gaming business, we won 10 awards alone for BFGD — which delivers silky-smooth gaming and entertainment on enormous 4K HDR screens. Our automotive business also won big, underscoring partnerships with everyone from automaker VW to ride-sharing service Uber and search giant Baidu.

Here’s our latest tally of awards from this year’s CES.

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  • James Wang

    Need some GTX1080TI, how many we can have and how much?

  • Greg Jensen

    Since your R and D department is funded by us the consumer, how about dropping your prices and take volume over price to drive profits?

  • Daniel Koontz

    … nVidia has sold their products at MSRP since they released and have seen little to no change in price as far as I have personally noticed as listed on their website in the “shop” or “products” tab. Whichever it was. Please research before complaining. Love your neighbor as yourself. In this case, nVidia, as a collection of people who represent the company, is your neighbor.

  • Daniel Koontz

    That vehicle y’all made that drives itself was intense looking. I wonder how many vehicle manufacturers nVidia has assisted with things like the smart cruise control or automatic emergency braking; such as did Subaru have help from nVidia when they produced eyesight?