From Great Idea to Amazing Product: SOLIDWORKS and NVIDIA Power AI, VR and Virtualized Workflows

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by Guillaume Polaillon

The benefits of artificial intelligence, virtual reality photorealism and unlimited mobility are transforming design workflows. We’re demonstrating how NVIDIA technology is driving these trends at the 20th annual SOLIDWORKS World, taking place February 4-7 in Los Angeles.

Over 80 percent of SOLIDWORKS users rely on NVIDIA hardware to maximize their productivity and do their best work. If you’re at the show, be sure to visit NVIDIA booth 601 to experience the latest GPU-accelerated design capabilities and see what the future of design holds.

Accelerate Design with AI

At SOLIDWORKS World, we’re demonstrating how SOLIDWORKS Visualize users can render their designs up to 10x faster, thanks to new AI-based denoising capabilities of NVIDIA Optix 5.0.

This interactive, noise-free rendering capability in an early preview of SOLIDWORKS Visualize helps design professionals experiment with and evaluate 10x as many design alternatives in the same amount of time, leading to shorter product development cycles and better product design.

You can see SOLIDWORKS Visualize with NVIDIA Optix in many of our partners’ booths, including HP, Dell, Lenovo and BOXX.  And also at the SOLIDWORKS R&D booth, where an external GPU is powering a thin and light laptop running a high-end NVIDIA Quadro GP100 GPU.

Immerse Yourself in Design Lab of the Future

Take the design process to the next level with full photoreal immersion of NVIDIA Holodeck, where designers, developers and their customers come together to discover, build and explore creations in a highly realistic, collaborative and physically simulated VR environment.

Visit the NVIDIA or SOLIDWORKS booths, strap on an HMD and participate in a collaborative review of a multi-floor model of an Astoria patrol boat designed by Vigor Kvichak. The platform’s immersive, photoreal experience drives creativity, provides a faster and more accurate understanding of a scene or model, streamlines the review process and reduces the need for physical prototyping.

With Holodeck’s realistic graphics and accurate real-world physics, designs can be experienced before they’re built.

“Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS has a 20+ year legacy of providing only the best CAD tools to our customers,” says Brian Hillner, product manager for Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS. “We’re working with NVIDIA to further advance the design workflow with AI-based denoising capabilities and fully integrated VR capabilities within SOLIDWORKS. This is an exciting time to pioneer these truly game-changing workflows for our customers, the CAD industry and beyond. At SOLIDWORKS World, we’ve teamed up with NVIDIA to showcase the future of design with the AI denoiser and the fully immersive, collaborative VR capabilities of NVIDIA Holodeck.”

NVIDIA Quadro: How Great Designs Get Built

Powering our demos at SOLIDWORKS World are NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs. From the GP100, the world’s most powerful GPU for both design and simulation, to our VR Ready P4000 and beyond, all Quadro GPUs are certified by SOLIDWORKS and hundreds of other professional workstation applications to deliver performance you can rely on.

It’s a great time to upgrade to the versatile Quadro P4000 because we’re offering 30 percent off your purchase starting today. Visit the NVIDIA online store and use code P4000SWV30 if you’re located in the United States or P4000SWVEU if you’re in Europe, or purchase through PNY at

You can also get entered to a win a Quadro P4000 by attending one of the following NVIDIA talks at the show:

Maximize Productivity, Design Anywhere, Anytime with Quadro vDWS

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation Software (Quadro vDWS) delivers an unparalleled experience running both virtualized graphics and compute workloads to any laptop or tablet from a data center with NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators.

At SOLIDWORKS World, experience full NVIDIA GPU-accelerated performance of a virtualized Quadro workstation running Visualize, accessed from a Mac laptop. Quadro vDWS has the power to address increasingly compute-intensive workflows, including the photorealistic rendering and advanced simulation required by today’s designers and engineers.

For more NVIDIA-powered demos at SOLIDWORKS World, visit our partner booths, including SOLIDWORKS, Optis, Lenovo, Dell and HP.

All images created by Camarc Limited and Vigor Kvichak LLC, rendered with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Used with permission.