GeForce Partner Program Helps Gamers Know What They’re Buying

by John Teeple

In our latest effort to better serve gamers, we’re introducing our GeForce Partner Program.

The GPU and software of a gaming PC make all the difference in a gamer’s experience. And together with our add-in card and system partners, we’re dedicated to building the best PC gaming platform bar-none – this is the GeForce promise.

The GeForce Partner Program is designed to ensure that gamers have full transparency into the GPU platform and software they’re being sold, and can confidently select products that carry the NVIDIA GeForce promise.

This transparency is only possible when NVIDIA brands and partner brands are consistent. So the new program means that we’ll be promoting our GPP partner brands across the web, on social media, at events and more. And GPP partners will get early access to our latest innovations, and work closely with our engineering team to bring the newest technologies to gamers.

Partners are signing up, fast. They see the benefit of keeping brands and communication consistent and transparent.

The program isn’t exclusive. Partners continue to have the ability to sell and promote products from anyone. Partners choose to sign up for the program, and they can stop participating any time. There’s no commitment to make any monetary payments or product discounts for being part of the program.

GPP ensures our engineering and marketing efforts support brands consumers associate with GeForce. That transparency will give gamers the confidence needed to make their purchase, whichever products they choose.

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  • Mr.Miner

    This program will make sure I don’t buy an AMD mining accelerator.
    Thank you nvidia!

  • simons700


  • qbit

    AMD is cancer upon mankind.

  • Dhamin Ahmad

    Anti consumer

  • Small Loan of A Million Dollar

    join us or die

  • Vaudevillainv

    This is the kind of $hiz that will make me nerver buy nvidia again.

  • Brick Tamland (the weatherman)

    Because Nvidia mining accelerator cards are better huh? 😀 Face it buddy! Both companies makes video cards to sell them. And Nvidia cards are as popular as AMD cards among miners. In fact they’re more efficient thanks to lower power consumption.


  • ImClaux

    ?? why

  • Erich Fromm

    In order to have access to the GPP program, its partners must have its “Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively With GeForce.” – great way to limit consumers choice, no more gaming brand (like Republic of Gamers) with non nvidia hardware. I hope market regulators will take a look at those monopolistic practices.

  • David Gravel

    Raghead Muslim.

  • Cordell Hughes

    Nvidia start selling cards Pre-mining prices on your website NOT $1.0000.00 Cards on average.

  • roendale

    forgot to take your psych meds, david? his religion is irrelevant to what he said, you hateful buffoon.

  • Daniel A

    🙁 This post made me depressed more than when they stopped selling Hostess’ Twinkies.

  • Daniel A

    It sure is!!! @qbit.

  • Daniel A

    It just is! Don’t question the man @ImClaux:disqus

  • Prageeth Senanayake

    hope nvidia gets sued for this, cant believe they would stop so low to screw the competition

  • Reds0nicX

    Scumbag company with a scumbag reason. No surprises there.

  • gino pic

    oh the humanity
    not wanting to advertise for the other guys same named card
    call the marines

  • Judge_Chip

    Educate yourself and Google AMD’s nerfariouse Advocate Program that AMD has been playing for many MANY years and STOP crying and lying about Nvidia playing the same game only better. This contract is to ensure debt dumb and R&D poor AMD doesn’t get a free ride by jumping the Geforce Gaming Train. Intel basicly did the same thing with their Ultrabook marketing campaign to keep AMD from stepping on their marketing tailcoat. AMD is so debt desperate so instead of paying for exclusive marketing they seed propaganda pumping FUD and send their incentivised rabid pack of Advocate AMDogs out to spew Nvidia Hate.

  • Charliebrownnz

    Last thing I new I could buy an ROG or Aurus branded AMD GPU, but if ASUS or Gigabyte want to be part of the GPP then we will no longer get that.

    VERDICT – ANTICOMPETITIVE practice that is probably illegal.

  • Judge_Chip

    You must be a brainwashed rabid Advocate AMDog who does NOT know that Intel’s Ultrabook/Intel Inside Marketing was years AFTER AMD extorted a billion bucks out of Intel.

    GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT Intel Ultrabook/Intel Inside Marketing was NEVER ANTICOMPETITIVE and YEARS AFTER AMD and it’s lying, crying CEOs lined their greedy pockets with Intel money while running laughing all the way to bank.

    You will try to delete your misinformed lame brained post so I copied it here to show everyone just how dumb a rabid Advocate AMDog can be, LOL.

    Charliebrownnz Judge_Chip • 2 hours ago
    Last thing I knew I could buy an ROG or Aurus branded AMD GPU, but if ASUS or Gigabyte want to be part of the GPP then we will no longer get that. Also, Intel were fined over $1 billion a similar marketing program behind intel inside with similar exclusivity terms to the GPP.

  • Charliebrownnz

    I suggest you read some of the presses coverage on the terms of this partnership program rather than resort to name calling and ignorant statements with no basis or grounding in reality.

    hint, expect to come across the words “Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively With GeForce.”

  • Judge_Chip

    I have read the propaganda the AMD has spread, its from a debt desperate FUD flinging AMD so it’s all BS allegations NOT FACTS!!!

    Please Post the GeForce Partner Program contract that shows, ” “Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively With GeForce.”. I don’t care what propaganda FUD debt desperate AMD seeds to gullible websites, FACTS PLEASE, NOT FUD FICTION.

    AGAIN AMDuped Advocate Sucker READ IF YOU CAN,

    FACT, “The program (GeForce Partner Program) isn’t ( IS NOT ) EXCLUSIVE. Partners CONTINUE to have the ability to sell and promote products from ANYONE (even debt desperate FUD flinging AMD).” try to comprehend this statement FROM NVIDIA!!!

    You’re welcome

  • Judge_Chip

    WHAT/WHO are you quoting because it’s NOT what I’m reading from Nvidia, or are you a lying crying AMDuped Advocate Sucker spreading Nvidia Hating FUD?

  • Charliebrownnz

    Wow – I just don’t understand how desperate and fanatical people like you get when their favorite companies practices are called into question… they are a technology company, not your friend.

    NVidia haven’t denied what was reported, and this was done by a publication that has been incredibly critical of AMD in the past so to label them bias towards AMD is laughable.

    Also, learn the difference between the words “Fact” and “statement”, as you are using the word fact incorrectly.

  • Judge_Chip

    Why should Nvidia have to respond to AMD’s indirect allegations, why isn’t AMD making a public statement but instead flinging Nvidia FUD through third party propaganda spewing puppets.

    Anyone can make unfounded allegations based on BS FUD released by AMD, there is no reason for Nvidia to defend itself from third party propaganda fed by AMD The burden of proof is on AMD, NOT Third Party Puppets or Nvidia.

    READ THIS AGAIN, and you might comprehend the Facts as Stated by Nvidia.
    These alleged accusations aren’t worth responding to, in Fact Nvidia’s post clearly states that, “The program (GeForce Partner Program) isn’t ( IS NOT ) EXCLUSIVE. Partners CONTINUE to have the ability to sell and promote products from ANYONE (even debt desperate FUD flinging AMD).” try to comprehend this STATEMENT FROM NVIDIA!!!

  • Charliebrownnz

    “Why should Nvidia have to respond to AMD’s indirect allegations, why isn’t AMD making a public statement but instead flinging Nvidia FUD through third party propaganda spewing puppets.”


    1 – its not just AMD’s allegations

    2 – its not hard to say “There are no exclusivity clauses in the GeForce Partnership Program around participants gaming brands”

    3 – To take number 2 even further, its not hard to say “there are absolutely zero clauses around exclusivity in the partnership program”.

    To quote NVidia’s statement:
    “The program isn’t exclusive. Partners continue to have the ability to sell and promote products from anyone.”

    That statement is very open ended, unclear with lots of wiggle room for prohibiting sales of gaming products. Under that definition NVidia can still insist that all branding targeted at gamers must be exclusively NVidia gpu’s but partners are still not restricted to selling exclusively nvidia gpu’s, you can still sell house brand AMD products making their statement technically true.

    ” (even debt desperate FUD flinging AMD)”
    Stop resorting to insults – you really are coming across as… well, plain stupid.

  • gino pic

    sorry but its one guy not the numerous press
    so if you tell the guy that then what are all the pitch forks doing out?

  • gino pic

    kyle never said he had facts
    so whats all the robbel robbel about?
    ohh right just on speculation and unfounded fears.
    sounds pretty stupid to argue at this point

  • gino pic

    you should write science fiction.
    this reminds me of the days in the ketchup wars
    it was a big blow to consumerism back in the day
    let me tell you how that went
    Heinz had a special recipe coming out around late may.
    and to deal with the tomato bottom feeders they had special ads coming out that had hot chicks and beer.
    now they said to all that sold there products you cant have the other squished tomatoes next to our advertisements
    well that just did not fit into the stock guys itinerary he put the ads haphazardly all over the store
    was just heart breaking to see the grill with meat and stuff on it next to the shampoo.
    but the real deal breaker was the picture of the pretty people on the beach was next to the tofu…..omg they lost it
    some say it was this that made them all drink the deadly cool aid.
    so this must be taken as a threat to America and all other free countries before some crazy advertisements hurt our children
    stop this madness

  • Judge_Chip

    Debt dumb and R&D poor AMD has a long history of flinging Exclusive Marketing hating FUD. AMD’s propaganda spewing hate machine cried and lied about Intel for letting consumers know that a superior Intel CPU is Inside and not a watt wasting IPC inferior AMD. Debt desperate AMD hated Intel for its exclusive Ultrabook Marketing campaign. You see AMD hates it when the competition tells consumers what their buying because AMD is a marketing parasite that doesn’t want to be exposed by exclusive marketing.

    These nefarious allegations are seeded by AMD to third party sock puppets so it is JUST Debt Desperate AMD flinging the exclusive marketing hating FUD.

    It doesn’t matter that, “its not hard to say” most companies do not lend credence to allegations made by third party sock puppets who were fed FUD by debt dumb competition spewing propaganda.

    VERDICT: Debt desperate AMD is a marketing parasite that has seeded misinformation to gullible third party sock puppets and sent out its rabid pack of Advocate AMDogs to fling the Nvidia Hating FUD.

  • A B

    How much will the fine be?
    I vote for 1 billion.

  • Charliebrownnz

    Lol, address my points rather than deflect with irrelevent comparisons.

  • Charliebrownnz

    Verdict: you still use insults rather than addressing the points made.

    Your desperate.

  • gino pic

    I did not mean to deflect demean or defend its that its hard when most points you bring up are just wild and can not be contained or argued because we have little proof, true or not of these claims. I know my limitations .I just feel this news was a little premature with little facts and should have made the “insider talk rounds “with more solid proof that he or another 3rd party could bring forward

  • Charliebrownnz

    So where do you get that 99.87% figure from? NVidia have a “true monopoly” on high end enthusiast gaming cards, that is a fact but comes down solely to them having better technology in that segment. And they have such a large market share in all gaming gpu’s to be able to use “monopolistic business practices” (Kyle’s only reference to the weird monopoly in his article) to shut out competition.

    And Kyle did say “I have read this requirement spelled out on it” when referring to the “gaming brand exclusively aligned with GeForce” issue. I think that belongs in the realm of fact.

    Given Kyle’s history with AMD, NVidia not denying these terms exist and the fact that fabricating a story like that would make Kyle liable for defamation; no reasonable person would doubt these terms exist.

    These sorts of terms exist to give a company power to shut out competition through anti-competitive means.

  • Charliebrownnz

    Which points are wild?

    As I said in my last comment, any reasonable person would believe hardocp given the scenario.

  • gino pic

    sorry had a longer winded (somewhat convoluted)reply but I don’t think it will make it to post.
    I would not dought it at all what he claims I have been around long enough. its the way he went about it that makes it mute true or not.

  • Charliebrownnz

    Yes the article was as much editorial as it was informative – but I have no reason to doubt the exclusivity clause given the situation which is pretty damming on NVidia and reason enough for hardware enthusiasts to be worried.

  • Charliebrownnz

    Goodness sake – just stop it with the pathetic name calling – you sound dumb… really really dumb.

  • Béhin Marc

    “The GeForce Partner Program is designed to ensure that gamers have full
    transparency into the GPU platform and software they’re being sold” – Sure ! now won’t be able to choose if i want to buy a ROG Laptop with a GeForce or a ROG Laptop with an Vega !!! That’s totally anti-competitive and against us, Consummer because you are trying to destroy the market to ensure that only Nvidia will stay alive. Kinda like what intel did a few years ago killing every funders in it’s wake….

    i really am a fan of your brand ! but this is definitly a wrong move ! and i hope that you will quickly correct this. I Want my diversity, i want to be able to CHOOSE !

  • EssThree

    Looks like my next card WON’T be an Nvidia one.

  • Knight1000

    I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, that’s monopoly. Because yeah, we the enthusiasts, the guys who are into PC we know gaming branding doesn’t make a difference but this isn’t supposed to be target at us, it’s supposed to target the average consumer, the one that done a small research online, the guy that arrives at the store and see gaming only in one brand and buy that brand

  • Cillit_Bang

    Thanks Nvidia – with this you made my decision for a new GPU really easy
    Spoiler alert: it will be AMD

  • George Papageorgopoulos

    LEL. For what? Why respecting consumers and partner companies is cancer?

  • killer

    but they are using the word “transparency” guys so it must be a good thing. /s

  • Seth Hahn

    Release the agreements in full or I’ll never buy an nvidia product agian.

  • Vape Scaped

    So, in order to maintain consistency and transparency…

    Are you implying your product currwntly lacks consistency? Enough so that you must re evaluate all your partnerships to provide better…communication? Are you not currently not talking to the industry leaders? Are board and card manufacturers not currently doing their best to produce a great product that lives up to their standards?
    The whole idea that your current partnership program is messed up enough that you need to re negotiate it concerns me greatly as a consumer. Considering everything in your proposal here is nothing more than common business practice really makes me look again at the vega line. I don’t want to get one of those old messed up products that will probably sit on the shelves for months.

  • Rita Therese Baumann

    Quit trying to polish this turd. It’s still a turd. The FTC should come with a microscope and take a look at this turd.

  • Angel “Ocelot” Eduardo

    Nvidia is new company communist..