Geneva Motor Show Highlights AI, Electric Cars

NVIDIA brings the power of AI to the epicenter of automotive luxury and performance.
by Danny Shapiro

Flashy, fun, beautiful. The Geneva Motor Show has long been the showcase for outrageous luxury and exotic cars that make headlines around the world.

As it kicks off its 88th edition this week, opening its doors to tens of thousands of attendees, the show is bringing more electric cars — and more AI — to the mix.

It’s the latest example of how advanced technology is transforming the auto industry. AI, autonomous driving and digital cockpits are now as much a part of the story here at possibly the world’s most glamourous auto show as the striking sheet metal and opulent interiors.

Here are a few of the models on display in Geneva sure to enthrall car enthusiasts and technology aficionados alike.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

I.D. VIZZION Concept Large 8008

The latest in Volkswagen’s I.D. electric vehicle family, the I.D. Vizzion gives showgoers a glimpse of what an autonomous Level 5 sedan — uncluttered by a steering wheel — could look like by 2030. But VW won’t wait that long to put this sleek electric sedan on the road: the automaker will put a version of the I.D. Vizzion with a steering wheel and brake pedals into production by 2022.

Earlier this year at CES, Volkswagen announced it will infuse AI into its future vehicle lineup using NVIDIA technology. Its cars will feature technology, such as NVIDIA DRIVE IX for “Intelligent Co-Pilot” applications.

Audi A6

A181744 medium A181728 medium

Marking its eighth-generation debut at the show, the new Audi A6 sedan packs an arsenal of NVIDIA-powered systems, including revolutionary user interfaces, a new infotainment system and a new virtual cockpit.

But what sets this car apart from competitors in the midsize sedan market segment is its Level 3 Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot capabilities. Using the Audi Zfas driver assistance system, which brings AI compute capabilities from NVIDIA, the vehicle can pull data from its suite of sensors, model the environment around the vehicle at the rate of 2.5 billion inputs per second, and plan a safe trajectory forward.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid x Starck 01 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 26

Three years ago, Bentley introduced its Bentayga, one of the fastest SUVs on the planet. Now the luxury automaker is taking an eco-friendly approach to this brute with a V6 plug-in hybrid model, the Bentayga Hybrid.

The car is a case study in how luxury now encompasses technology. The NVIDIA-powered modular infotainment system boasts an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system with class-leading navigation technology.

Rimac Automobili C_Two

C TWO studio side wing up HR 01

Croatian EV manufacturer Rimac Automobili introduced its hotly anticipated C_Two hypercar. Observers are already declaring it one of the fastest ever to debut at Geneva, with a mind-boggling 1,914 hp. The all-electric hypercar will incorporate AI functionality via the NVIDIA DRIVE AI car computer. Check out our blog for more on this marvel.

Polestar 1

pasted image 0

Last year, Volvo’s tuning division, Polestar, became its own brand, showing its first model online called the Polestar 1. This week at Geneva, it made its official debut, giving a glimpse to the world of what a 600-hp hybrid “muscle” car will be.

With a production run of only 500 units per year, Polestar’s business model will be an all-inclusive subscription-based service, similar to what our partner Volvo introduced with “Care by Volvo” at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2017.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

d492752 1

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class this week makes its first public appearance in Geneva. The A-Class, with its NVIDIA-powered AI cockpit, made its debut at a private event in Amsterdam last month. This is the first model to offer the Mercedes-Benz User Experience — or “MBUX” — infotainment system. MBUX aims to reinvent the cockpit experience using rich, real-time 3D graphics and artificial intelligence brought to you by NVIDIA.

The Geneva Motor Show opens to the public at the end of this week and runs through March 18.